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Changing number of days

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pleasechange · 22/04/2009 13:14

I requested 4 days a week for nursery for DS, starting on 1 July. I now only need 3 days (work have confirmed my extra day off). I'm planning to ask the nursery if this is ok, and am hoping that with 2 months notice they won't have a problem with this.

Have any of you got experience of this, and should it be relatively straightforward to change or might they be awkward?

OP posts:
babyOcho · 22/04/2009 13:20

I would expect an increase of days or day changes would be the problem for capacity planning, so I execpt you'll be OK.

DD's nursery needs 1 months notice for day changes, you should see it in the Ts&Cs somewhere on the paperwork.

lynniep · 22/04/2009 13:25

Really would have thought it depends on the nursery. With 2 months notice I can't imagine its an issue. Mine are pretty accommodating with shifting days about.

Pinkjenny · 22/04/2009 13:27

We have to go on a waiting list to increase days, but reducing days with a month's notice is fine.

hellywobs · 24/04/2009 13:11

Decreasing days should be fine - if you wanted to increase it would obviously depend on capacity.

But do you really want to do that? I don't know about your financial situation but I wonder if you could keep a morning or afternoon so you get some "me-time" when you can to the hairdressers etc?

I worked a 4 day week before my son was 2 and had a full time place. It meant I had the flexibility to work my day off at work and take a day off in lieu if I had to and that I could send him to nursery if I needed to because I needed to do something without him. Just a thought.

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