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Has anyone had any experience of Kids Unlimited?

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astragirl · 15/04/2009 16:41

We went to one of their nursery's today to have a look round but I'm not sure if I want to place my 14 month old ds there. The woman that showed us round was lovely and enthusiastic but the rest of the staff looked quite miserable and grumpy and very young. Also when the children were playing outside there were 2 car tyres and about 2 or 3 toys for about 20 children.

Just wondered if anyone uses kids unlimited or has had any experience with them?

OP posts:
maisiemackenzie · 15/04/2009 16:47

We used the Manchester one and were really happy with it, ds was so happy there for 3 years, i really don't have a bad word to say about it. we just got a good feeling looking round it though, and i think maybe you just need to keep looking til you find somewhere that you get that gut feeling about.

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