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My DS settled in fine at nursery but now seems to dislike going

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bigspender30 · 16/02/2009 13:49

He is 2.9 and has been known to skip out the door to nursery. He goes 2 mornings a week however he had a dodgy tum last week so missed a day. Since then, he has been reluctant to go, crying at the door and today the manager said he had been very clingy and quiet. Please tell me this is just a phase as his routine has been knocked out of kilter.

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Hobnobfanatic · 16/02/2009 19:49

It's just a phase as his routine has been knocked out of kilter!

Seriously, my DD was like this - and still is, actually. She loved nursery, but if we went on holiday, she would always be clingy when she returned to nursery. It took a good few days for her to settle. Ditto when she'd been poorly - especially if she wasn't quite 100 per cent when she returned.

I know, after this half-term week, that she'll be a little reluctant about going to school on Mon, though she loves it!

I'm sure nursery would have told you if there had been any incidents that had put him off going; it's probably that he just fancies staying at home with you - you should be flattered!

Hope he gets back in the swing of things again soon.

bigspender30 · 16/02/2009 21:06

thanks Hobnobfanatic.
You have put my mind at ease!
Good luck after half term!

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