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Can anyone recommend a nursery in Wimbledon?

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minirollins · 24/01/2009 21:53

Hi there, I'm looking for a nursery in Wimbledon for my DD from August onwards. She'll be 11mnths and I'll be back at work 3 days a week. Can anyone speak highly (or otherwise!) about nurseries like Dee's Day, Dickybirds (either Dundonald or Queens Rd branches) or Building Blocks? I've lived in Wimbledon all my life but haven't a clue about the nurseries and know that the waiting lists are extraordinary! Building Blocks certainly get rave reviews, with their individual nanny option but are the others as attentive? Thanks for any guidance!

OP posts:
PuzzleRocks · 25/01/2009 14:34

Bumping for you.

Greatfun · 25/01/2009 21:07

My friend used the one on Wimbledon Hill (Building blocks?) and said it was very good. I used Eveline in Raynes Park and would recommend it but it may not be in the right area for you. They have a wimbledon branch on Quicks Rd which I would imagine is as good as the Raynes Park one but I cannot personally recommend it as I haven't used it. I went to Dees in Raynes Park and TBH didnt like it but I know people who have used it and are happy with it. I have heard Teddies in Raynes Park has a very high turn over of staff.

minirollins · 27/01/2009 11:20

Thanks for the messages. Not sure about the one on Wimbledon Hill... I think it's called Playdays??? In which case, does that mean it's changed hands recently?

OP posts:
giantkatestacks · 27/01/2009 13:17

no thats always been playdays...I used the queens rd one and wasnt that impressed...

Greatfun · 28/01/2009 22:58

gks must be right about the name. I get them mixed up as I havent used them.

Mamazon · 28/01/2009 23:03

Ds went to Lollipops which is in Wimbledon chase so maybe a little far frm where you want. i cannot recommend them highly enough. It was at Lollipops that we finally got the help we needed to get him diagnosed with ASD. they were fantastic and went beyond the call of duty for him.

Elle76 · 16/03/2009 16:02

Hi - not sure where you live, but I can highly recommend Wimbledon Day Nursery in Montague Road. Staff are fantastic, very enthusiastic and my son is very happy there. They also have a great outdoor space, a rarity in this area I think... Take a look at their website

KathrynAustin · 26/03/2009 09:42

Buffer Bear on Merton Rd between Wimbledon Park & Wimbledon. We have children there as do two of our NCT friends....

fahi · 19/07/2010 17:24

hi there I would reccommend Dickybirds I currently work there,would you opt for a nanny willing to talk more if your interested.kind regards

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