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Starting nursery in 6 weeks...any advice?

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Tommad · 20/01/2009 10:31


My son starts nursery full time in 6 weeks time. He has 3 settling in sessions, but i wonder if anyone had any tips for me to 'prepare' him, as he is a bit of a mummys boy and i am woried he will not settle easily. He will be 11 months old.

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bambinox2 · 20/01/2009 14:52

I suggest you do the settling in sessions and if you still feel he is not ready to go it alone then you ask for a few more. I bet he will be fine and love it. My ds was ssame age when he started. He is 14m almost and loves nursery. If he sees me leaving he screams the room down but his key worker now ensures there is something he loves out so when I leave he is soo engrossed that he doesn't realise.
If I leave and he is screaming I wait outside the door listening. Honestly it lasts for less than a minute and I can hear in crying. His Key worker is fantastic and they have got a really good bond.
If he has a comforter then make sure he has it with him and just be really positive and happy about the situation because if you feel tense and look worried he will pick up on it.
Good Luck and hope your son enjoys.

bambinox2 · 20/01/2009 14:53

I didn't mean i can hear him crying after a minute I meant laughing!

Tommad · 20/01/2009 15:29

Thanks bambinox2, that makes me feel much better

OP posts:
puredeedbrilliant · 21/01/2009 21:08

Hi there, my 11 month old boy just started nursrey 3 weeks ago. I actually think its harder on the mum than for the wee ones. I just keep reminding myself that he is being cared for by experienced people and is getting loads of stimulas and making friends. Its amazing when you are reunited after a day at work!! Don't be surprised if you feel a mix of emotions on leaving him.Its strange but I love being back at work but I hate leaving him. Anyway, hope it goes well!

MyNameIsInigoMontoya · 22/01/2009 10:08

Hmm... well you can probably help by making sure he is used to being without you, does he spend time with DP or grandparents without you? Comforters are definitely useful too. Don't get too stressed if there are a few tears when you drop him off some mornings, provided he doesn't keep on for ages afterwards that's quite normal and doesn't necessarily seem to mean he is really that upset (judging by DS who sometimes does that but will be quite happy with his toys and breakfast a few minutes after!), and equally don't panic if he looks at you and bursts into tears when you turn up to collect him, that also seems quite common but again seems not necessarily to mean they are really unhappy (there've been some other threads about that!). Tell the nursery you want to be phoned if he gets really upset, and if you are worried, phone them an hour or so after drop-off to check he is OK on the first few days, they shouldn't mind and it is good to hear that they are playing away happily. Good luck!

LaaDeDa · 22/01/2009 10:25

My children's nursery always phone if they aren't settling (has happened once in nearly 3 years so i know they are happy there!).
My only tip is do not hang around long at dropping off time. Both of my children have been clingy at various times but have only ever cried for a few moments once they've realised that the crying does not get anything. Sometimes as soon as i'm out of sight they stop and play happily, other times by the time i've walked back to the car park and peeked into the window they've stopped - max of about 1 minute crying lol!

It seems to happen at different ages as well - my daughter didn't ever cry until she was about 11/12 months and that was for about 3 drop offs. Then went in with no probs til she was about 2 and had another little phase of being a bit upset - lasted about 3 weeks. My son is still only 10 months so i'm sure his stage of crying will come - he too is a mummy's boy and i've been so surprised how well he's gone in!

If they know that crying means you will hang around for an extra 5 or 10 minutes then there is a reason for doing it. If you leave with minimum fuss and then phone the nursery 1/2 later to check they're ok (imo) it will mean easier settling.

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