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New nursery in Enfield. I need your opinion please.

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bisbis · 18/01/2009 14:23

This is my first child and i'm looking to go back to work. luckily i've just discovered a new nursery 5 doors away from me called 'Bright Stars' apparently theyve got branches in edmonton and southgate.

anyways i had a look yesterday and

They currently have only 2 children and are allowed a maximum of 9. i cant figure out whether this is good because there's less children so my son will get more attention or bad because he'll have less friends and it might be boring when he gets older (he's 7 months now).

Its a converted house and the play area for both babies an toddlers is in the same room as where the babies sleep.
My son is a light sleeper and will more than likely get woken up by noise and get frustrated.
Do you think he'll get used to this or has any one had experience with this.

Thanks for reading this far, i'll appreciate any input.

OP posts:
PuzzleRocks · 18/01/2009 18:23

Bumping for you.

nix1978 · 14/03/2009 23:11

Funnily enough I had a look myself, my son is 2 and a relatively light sleeper. I met with the owner, as you may have, seemed very nice, knows what is what and obviously has 2 other successful sites.

Personally I did not feel it adequate, purely because there are only 2 children, it is not set up right, not great to have toddlers with the babies, not ideal for development and interaction. I do not feel my child will benefit, it may even set him back. It is really set up as a child minders.

Although it may be perfect for your son as he is only 7 months, and it may be a great place to start him off, he will get full attention and I guess more would have joined in time. It is not the end of the world if you have to move him in six months, but get him used to being away from you for now! at such a young age they adapt and settle easily. It is just hard on us.

Regarding the light sleeping, although distressing for us, it is not a bad thing, I have been here before and in the end it trains them to sleep through more noise, and the team should be have a routine.

If my son were 7 months and I really needed to return to work, I think I would feel more comfortable sending him to Bright stars, being on the doorstep, and literally having that 1 on 1 care.. may be ideal!

I too am still looking at places, I am literally down the road aswell, and that would have been ideal, I was more impressed with the Montessiori in Bush Hill park ( cricket club) hours may not suit you.. but there Ethos is good and from what I hear that really stick to it!

I think it is still early for the one near us, they will need to have more toddlers join before I send my son, good luck, and if I hear of anything or find a place I shall let you know.

duygum · 27/04/2009 20:13

hi..i just had time to look at your mail...i am a register childminder..i could suggest that to you it is good for your child to be less children as you mention that your child could get more attention..all parents worries that their children would have less friens in that way..but do not forget children would have only one or two close friends..also to many children is around is too much worries..young children need more attention and when they start school obviously they will have lots of friend..but in young age i could suggest to take your child in the less ratio not get me wrong please because i am a childminder but if i had to take my child into a childcare i would take a childminder's place with no worries...i used to work in lots of nurseries and finnaly i have opened my own place...i know the difference terefore i would take my child into less ratio place beacuse my child would get more attention..
good luck..

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