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DS farting for Scotland tonight. Think he has tummy bug. Should I send him to nursery tomorrow?

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mawbroon · 11/01/2009 21:40

DS is due to start his first day at school nursery tomorrow, but like I say in the thread title, he is farting away and I wouldn't like to light a match in his bedroom tonight!

I think he does have a bit of a tummy bug as he also has a slightly raised temperature.

This is something that happens to him now and again, but it doesn't turn into full blown D&V.

If he is still like this tomorrow, would you take him for his first ever day at nursery (he has been at home with me for 3years) which he has been looking forward to for months?

Obviously if he gets the squirts then he will stay home...

OP posts:
PottyCock · 11/01/2009 21:44

not if he goes to the same nursery as my dd please, have had enough d & v to last me for the rest of 2009!

I would see how he is in the morning and decide then. If he has a good night I would let him go, they'll ring you if he's not having a nice time.

mawbroon · 12/01/2009 11:26

Well, the farting has subsided, and his temp is back to normal, so good to go I think.

He is soooo excited.

OP posts:
bigspender30 · 12/01/2009 14:58

how did first day at nursery go Maw Broon?

mawbroon · 12/01/2009 19:35

Aww, thanks for asking bigspender.

It went fine I think. He was looking a bit lost a couple of times and didn't really talk to anyone.

He sat at the snack table longer than anyone else though, and helped himself to more than the rationed amount

Was a bit at the teacher though. I was explaining about his egg allergy and said he should have no egg at all, not even anything with "may contain traces of" and she said "what about cake" FFS.

OP posts:
bigspender30 · 13/01/2009 19:31

DUH!!! Teacher sounds like a daftie!!
My DS started nursery last week and we have been getting a few tears but fingers crossed it gets easier!

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