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What should the ratio of nursery staff be when looking after babies?

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bgt · 08/01/2009 20:07

I thought it was 1:3, this morning when we took my little boy for a settling session, we saw 8 babies but only 2 members of staff, unless one had popped out. When I said it was a bit busy, she said that Thursday and Fridays were busy, which didnt explain what was going on.
Not sure what to do?

OP posts:
gentlybently · 08/01/2009 20:10

1:3 for under twos
1:4 for 2 year olds
1:8 for 3 and over

pickcherries · 08/01/2009 20:11

one member of staff must have just popped out or were they changing nappys or something, i would be very concern if only 2 members of staff with 8 babies

bgt · 08/01/2009 20:16

1:4 for 2 year olds, didnt know, probably makes sense now as the baby room is a mixture of babies/toddlers

OP posts:
juneybean · 10/01/2009 00:03

Usually baby rooms go upto 18 months/2 years old so wouldn't explain only 2 members of staff for 8 babies!

I hope one had just popped out!!

henrys7thwife · 15/01/2009 02:35

Gosh. So strange to see these. DH is American and we lived in the States for awhile, I used to pick up sister-in-law's DC's from nursery all the time. There, the ratio is:

1:5 for under-1's
1:6 for 1-2's
1:10 for 2-3's
1:12 for 3-4's
1:15 for age 5 & up

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