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Christmas presents for nursery staff

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cuppachar · 11/12/2008 11:42

DD (14 months) started nursery in September and the staff have been amazing, both in helping her settle in and also dealing with her allergies and cooking separate meals for her every day. I want to buy her two keyworkers and the cook some Christmas presents to say thank you and was thinking of £25 in shopping centre vouchers each, so that they can spend it on what they like.

I'm not generally a big spender (won't even be spending that much on DD this Christmas!) but money is not tight and I know nursrey staff don't get paid much so I thought they would appreciate it... however don't know if this would seem wildly inappropriate / OTT!! What do you think? thanks...

OP posts:
snowleopard · 11/12/2008 11:45

Well that's similar to what I've given in the past - usually £25 Boots voucher for DS's keyworker, but I do that when he moves rooms and changes keyworker. At christmas I just get a general present for the nursery staff like a big tin of posh biscuits. But you have a special reason to thank them so I don't think it would be OTT.

NorbertDentressAngel · 11/12/2008 11:51

DS is about to finish nursery after 2 years there so I've ordered a magazine subscription for the staff in general, something to read on their lunch and coffee breaks.

I'll also get something individually for the 2 main carers too but want to avoid chocs/biscuits and so on as they'll be inundated with them as its Xmas.

cuppachar · 11/12/2008 11:53

She's actually moving up into the next room after Christmas too so that's another reason to get a nice present I guess. DD was quite unwell and unhappy for the first month but now she absolutely loves nursery and I can't believe how kind, caring and cheerful the staff are. I dread to think what they earn though...

Glad you don't think it's OTT - thanks for reassuring me!!

OP posts:
snowleopard · 11/12/2008 17:51

I did think that about the biscuits but then I thought oh no - what if everyone has the same thought and they don't get any biscuits???!

bert74 · 12/12/2008 14:30

Have been told to be careful when buying vouchers inlight of what has happened with Woolworths, they may end up being worthless and then you have wasted your money and the staff end up with nothing. Maybe you should just give them cash and a letter to explain how grateful you are to them. (as a formaer nursery nurse, I know I would be very touch with such a generous gift).

cuppachar · 12/12/2008 14:34

good point... the vouchers I'm going to buy are for a whole shopping centre rather than a particular store but I guess it could still go bust. I just thought vouchers seem more of a "present" whereas cash is just, well, cash!

OP posts:
snowleopard · 12/12/2008 15:38

I always give Boots vouchers (as I've never met a woman who can't spend money in boots). Boots can't go bust! Noooooo!

bert74 · 12/12/2008 21:14

If you had said that 6 months ago about Woolworths, people would have thought you were completley mad. Now look!!!!

snowleopard · 12/12/2008 23:11

Well yes, but I have always thought Woollies was a bit pointless and I have probably spent literally 100x in Boots what I've spent in Woolworths.

It is a good point though and maybe I shouldn't do it...

MrsSanta · 12/12/2008 23:18

what a about next

purepurple · 29/12/2008 10:59

I am literally drowning in chocolates and biscuits from the parents of the children I look after
but I am pleased to be appreciated!

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