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Christmas gifts for staff etiquette?

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megcleary · 28/11/2008 20:55

DD has been in nursey three days a week for 6 months now and she loves it. I am curious as to wherther there is a "done" thing for staff gifts, just to staff in her room or just her key worker? Am new to the area so have no Mum friends to ask and adore the nursey and do not want to offend any one. Advice appreciated.

OP posts:
notflorencenightingale · 28/11/2008 21:25

Last year when Ds was in baby room I made acard and bought some little gifts about £10 total for his two main carers. they had done a fantastic job in looking after him and he was also about to move up a room so it was a thanks for that as well.
This year Ds still has two main carers but also two or three 'additionals' as its a bigger room, still plan to buy the staff a small gift each, not because I feel I should but because I want to, as there are more staff this time I will have to limit it to just £5 each, not a lot but enought o buy something small from thre body shop or similar.
I would say do what you want to do!

babysbreath · 30/11/2008 20:49

Any ideas of what to buy, as I'm sure they get lots and lots of chocolate?!

iliketrees · 30/11/2008 20:58

I have always found a bottle of wine was much appreciated. If they are not drinkers it can be passed on at this time of year quite easily.

notflorencenightingale · 01/12/2008 22:21

last year I gave a little bag with a small gift from body shop, a mini bottle of wine and some little fancy biscuits.

HensMum · 02/12/2008 10:36

I have the same question. DS has been in nursery for a month, but doesn't seem to really have a "key worker", all the staff in the room look after him and I get his end of day debriefing from whoever happens to be around.
I was thinking of a big box of chocs or biscuits that everyone can share but is that just staggeringly unimaginative and crap?

verywiseowl · 04/12/2008 11:27

I do the tin of biscuits thing. It may be unimaginative, but at least they keep for a while in a staff room (or I imagine if they get enough they share them out).

DD has 6 regular staff in her room, another 2 who cover at lunchtimes, not forgetting the cook, the manager and the deputy manager who also pay a part in her care. Just not practical to buy for everyone (and I'd be scared of missing someone crucial and causing offense).

aidansyummymummy · 06/12/2008 16:19

one idea which may be nice is a magazine subscription for the staff room... you can get some good value deals on line, often with a free gift which you can keep youself or pass on as a present.

This year I wasnt that organised and have got them some wine gums and may get some shortbread too.

megcleary · 06/12/2008 16:24

have decided with no imagination at all to give money so they can have a drink on us at the staff Christmas do next week told the key worker on friday to sound her out and she hugged me!!

OP posts:
treedelivery · 06/12/2008 16:25

Lat year got the staff a bottle of wine each, budgeted £25 for all the team and managed it with various suppermarket offers etc!!

Skint this year so will put £10 towards their Christmas do - beer money!!

clu · 07/12/2008 20:34

money towards the night out is always gratefully received at my work, Especially for the younger ones low pay and lots of christmas nights out.

jaz2 · 08/12/2008 19:40

Last year I chose presents (really nice smellies/make-up bags etc) for the four staff who looked after DS. But to be honest, it was a lot of effort, and this year I didn't have the imagination / time. So the 5 staff who regularly look after him will be getting £10 Boots vouchers (except the male member of staff who I've got a Smiths voucher - hope that doesn't cause ructions!). Money towards their Christmas party is a very good idea tho - wish I'd thought of that!

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