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when a nursery has an open day, how do they keep the children safe?

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dearbeatrice · 13/11/2008 12:22

I've asked our nursery if they ask visitors to sign in (obviously not foulproof 'cos they could use false names).. as a paranoid first time mum I'm concerned that some random weirdo could go and visit, and then distract one of the younger carers and abduct my little boy. I realise this is extremely unlikely but I just want some assurances. I'm guessing the manager and her deputy will do the 'showing round' - but if it's a turn up on the day thing, how do they know they'll have enough staff. as I say, main concern is whether one of the other staff would notice if a baby or child was picked up by a stranger and they made a speedy exit..

any thoughts - I've asked them the question re signing in, and hope they will sense my uncertainty and fill me in a bit more

obviously i've been a beneficiary of other open days, viewed other places before this new one (saw it empty) - and I know I didn't sign in, but had made appointments and was chaperoned around. Perhaps the visitors just aren't allowed in the fenced off play areas or something???


OP posts:
mummyloveslucy · 13/11/2008 12:28

At my daughters nursery, the head of nursery would show them around and envite the parents to observe a class, while their child plays.
The ouside gate is kept locked and is locked once the visitors are inside.
Hope this helps.

MadreInglese · 13/11/2008 12:29

If it worries you that much then you should ask your nursery all those questions directly

Twims · 17/11/2008 20:45

TBH Never thought about it - we only ever had workmen who were chaperoned for the entire event by a nursery nurse or if parents came to look around, were shown around by the manager or deputy - I don't think any of the nursery nurses ever thought about someone posing as a parent to abduct a child in a nursery.

juneybean · 22/11/2008 11:41

Managers are usually supernumary and aren't counted into ratios. Therefore it is the manager who would show around.

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