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wwyd - nursery in newspaper

7 replies

bruhaha · 05/11/2008 14:43

Would you pull your child from this nursery?

OP posts:
guyFAwkesreQuiem · 05/11/2008 14:44

yes based on "It also found staff had been employed without proper references or vetting. McLure said: ?There is a lot more to this.?"

Not solely on the Christmas issue -

RubySlippers · 05/11/2008 14:45

well, I would be more worried that the staff weren't properly vetted - that is much more of a threat, so I would pull my child for that reason

bruhaha · 05/11/2008 14:46

i thought the not vetting staff properly was more important. I've read the care commission report and the complaint was upheld.

OP posts:
familybliss · 05/11/2008 16:00

And the place is receiving state funding?

Quite honestly, I would not have placed my child there in the first place unless absolutely necessary!

mumof2fabkids · 05/11/2008 23:04

Scary man in paper would make me pull child, he'll scare the kids. Seriously though, I bet there's real problems with the general running of the Nursery, this will just be the tip of the iceberg. Trust your instincts, as a Mum, they're usually right.

dilemma456 · 07/11/2008 17:03

Message withdrawn

DeepBlue7800 · 07/11/2008 20:41

I don't know that the Sun is an appropriate source of factual, balanced information. Did they "ban" Xmas or choose not to celebrate it? Would it as sensational if the nursery opted not to celebrate Ramadan? As an educational establishment, I'd imagine the obligation is to teach the children about how different cultures celebrate different cultural/religious occasions, without overtly celebrating one event or another.

Educating the children about what Christmas represents to many is, apparently, what they have failed to do, and this is the basis of the complaint that was upheld (lack of cultural diversity).

On the issue of "unvetted staff", CRB checks and references aren't instant - so long as new staff are in the process of being vetted and are never left unsupervised, I would not necessarily be concerned, in fact, would go so far as to say this was "normal".

I'd make your own enquiries and then decide based on informed facts, not sensationalist tabloid journalism. The nursery may well be crap, but I think you need to make that decision based on more balanced evidence.

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