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She got in!!!!

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Evesmama · 10/03/2005 20:33

my dd is 2 next month and i have been 'saying' i am going to sort out her nursery for over a year as the one i wanted to send her too was v.local to our last home and was good school.

anyway, looked on tinternet and found best schools within five miles of us and as a shot in the dark, rang a couple today.
explained the situation(schools near us are being pulled down in 2007, so didnt want to start her somewhere then move..and also, they're rubbish and(not being snobby), dont want her going to same school as other kids where we live(iffy area surrounding our estate)
rang first one..gave all info, but not in catchment, however lady told me to send letter in and she thinks i would have no prob!
rang second one on list and preferred choice along with no3 and after having good chat with nursery dept, i was told that although slightly out of catchment, she had taken everything else into consideration and would accept her application now!!!!!!
and it is also in a much nicer area!
am going in next fri too have a look around................................
what should i look for in a "good" nursery???
any advice welcomed..

sorry for long post

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Evesmama · 10/03/2005 20:49


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sacha3taylor · 10/03/2005 20:53

The most important one for me is that the teachers are friendly but firm!

coppertop · 10/03/2005 20:54

Is it a nursery as in a pre-school or the kind of nursery where they stay all day?

Congratulations by the way.

Evesmama · 10/03/2005 21:02

it pre school, half days at first

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coppertop · 10/03/2005 21:07

I'd look for things like:

  • Lots of activities set out to choose from.

  • Plenty of room to move around in.

  • Good outdoor play facilities, although not necessarily the latest greatest equipment.

  • Ask about what happens if children have toileting accidents. Do the staff clean them up or do you have to go in to deal with it yourself?

  • Children's pictures etc on display.

  • Other children happy to approach members of staff.

    Perhaps ask about what snacks/drinks the children are given.

    I'm sure there's loads more things to look out for.
Evesmama · 10/03/2005 21:12

thats great for me to start with
thanksprob would never have thought of any of them when i went in

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wendy33 · 16/03/2005 21:10

I hope the meeting went well. Normally you will know if the nursery is the right one for your child. Go with your gut instict. If you felt welcome the moment you went in and the staff were happy, smiley and interacting with the children then you have found a loving environment. Ask to see the ofsted report as thisis available for all to see.
Good luck!

Evesmama · 16/03/2005 23:15

not going till friday Wendy and am also going to first choice of school too as called them and that looks good too
at least will have a choice uncase something changes dramatically

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wendy33 · 19/03/2005 20:29

Hi Evesmama
Sorry but got the dates mixed up.
How did it go?

Evesmama · 20/03/2005 23:11

hi wendy

went to St josephs(top of my list)first...absolutly loved it d was playing with all toys and kids when they came back from assembly, but this one, im not automatically accepted for as we're not in catchment.
went to see other one in afternoon and hated it!, although stats show really good, school was really run down and shabby, hardly any equiptment out and the nursery teacher seemed impatient and snappy as opposed to St josephs teacher who was lovely..but this is the one she's accepted into(no wonder!)
so am keeping everything crossed that we can get into st josephs!!!

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