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Recurring Conjunctivitus

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SarahandImogen · 23/10/2008 12:10

My DD had conjunctivitus 5 weeks ago. She had a bad cold & contracted it from the excess mucous from the cold. The nursery policy was that she could still attend so long as she was being treated (which she was - with anti-biotic drops). She still had it a week later, when they excluded her as so many of the other occupants in the baby room had caught it too. It took 3 weeks, in total, to get rid of it completely, with more drops & also oral anti-biotics too. She then came out in chicken pox, so didn't attend nursery for another 10 days or so. She started back at nursery last week & now has conjunctivitus again. Nursery say no other child up there has it. Given that she has been at home for two weeks since she got rid of the last bout, & not developed it during this time (we disinfected all her toys), am I being unreasinable in thinking that there is something in the nursery that has re-infected her?

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