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Accidents at nursery requiring hospital treatment

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Kotek · 22/10/2008 07:39

Hello, I have a son aged nearly two and a half who attends a nursery for 3 days a week. This nursery has a 'good' Ofsted rating. However, I am now quite concerned about supervision and safety at the nursery as twice this year he has needed to be taken to hospital following a fall against furniture in the nursery. This week he required gluing of his forehead due to a deep cut after running and falling against a bench.

I do of course fully understand toddlers will fall over from time to time, and so I'm not complaining about bumps and bruises that may happen if he falls over at nursery, but my real worry is that a) he's not being properly supervised and b) that the furniture arrangements should be such as to minimise accidents where children can suffer deep gashes if they fall against it.

I would be grateful for any thoughts on how I should handle this. He is not a clumsy child and on non nursery days goes to playgrounds etc where fortunately we've had no incidents. The poor little thing now will have two permanent scars as a result of these nursery incidents and I am just thankful they were not even more severe than they were. If anyone is able to offer any advice I'd be grateful to hear. Thanks.

OP posts:
happychappy · 22/10/2008 07:43

Go into the nursery and tell them about your concerns. I'm sure they will respond appropriately. If they don't go to OFSTED

PortAndDemon · 22/10/2008 07:44

DS needed to go to hospital and have a cut glued as a result of falling and hitting himself on something smooth and round with no sharp or pointed edges whatsoever (the cut was near his eye, so we assume it must have been more of a tear).

But if you don't think their furniture is safe, then I'd raise it with the nursery and see what they say.

bobbysmum07 · 22/10/2008 23:12

Children in nurseries should not be allowed to run around indoors, just as they cannot be allowed to throw toys. It isn't safe and they have to be taught not to do it by staff who are constantly vigilant.

Sounds to me like something is going wrong with the way the children's behaviour is being managed in this nursery. If I were you, I would be a bit concerned.

Kotek · 23/10/2008 14:05

Thank you for your various comments. I will discuss it with the manager as soon as ds can go back to nursery. I do feel that something may be going wrong with supervision as he's had 2 serious accidents now as a result of running indoors....

OP posts:
eleanorsmum · 23/10/2008 14:07

you might want to contact ofsted. the nursery has to inform them (i think!) of any child taken to hospital from them and they should investigate. it might be worth a call to ofsted to see if they have reported the incident. hth.

Kotek · 23/10/2008 17:20

Thanks eleanorsmum. I didn't know that and will look into that asap!

OP posts:
Kotek · 27/10/2008 13:53

Hello all, Unfortunately I was disappointed with the nursery's attitude on discussing the incident with them - their reaction was that ds probably needs his eyes or balance tested and there was nothing they could have done to prevent the incident. I had thought they'd be a bit more reasonable in their discussion, but was surprised in the very defensive stance taken. Given we've (fortunately) never had even a minor incident at home (where ds knows how to go up and down stairs etc) or any of the playgrounds we visit on non nursery days, I have to admit I was shocked and saddened by the response. Would be grateful for any thoughts...

OP posts:
RubyShivers · 27/10/2008 13:55

if you are saddened by the response then i think you need to raise it and i am very that they suggested you get his eyes tested

accidents are fairly common place at nurseries with lots of wobbly toddlers

my own DS fell and whacked his head at nursery and the nursery nurses were utterly distraught and couldn't do enough to look after him

ayla99 · 31/10/2008 19:35

I'd be tempted to visit the optician and the GP. Just so I could write the letter "Having followed your thoughtful suggestion to have ds' eyes and balance checked I am happy to advise you that the experts have found nothing wrong at all. Therefore, I would reiterate my original concern ..."

Kotek · 01/11/2008 22:08

Thanks Rubyshivers and Ayla99 for your comments - Ayla, I think that is a good idea. I am still upset that there was a complete lack of a single word of sympathy or kindness - whether they were so defensive because they are terrified of a potential letter of complaint or something being written, I just don't understand it... I appreciate accidents happen but their reaction has been more upsetting in some respects than the incident itself.

OP posts:
GunpowderTreasonAndLemon · 01/11/2008 22:28

I am shocked at their response, TBH -- it may be that they're taking all reasonable precautions and that there's nothing more they can reasonably do, but their comments seem very odd. I think, as you said, that the response to the incident is potentially more significant than the incident itself.

I would probably be looking around for a different nursery or a childminder -- not specifically because of the accidents, but because of the nursery's overly defensive stance.

saradiesel · 09/06/2009 20:10

My son yesterday was stabbed in the eye (just under) by another boy using metal pointed scissors. My son is nearly 3 but this boy was 2.5 and renown for being rowdy and pushy to others.

I cannot understand why a nursery would leave metal pointed scissors out on tables for the children to use, and how this could have happened unsupervised.

I have asked for a full report after the teacher had not called me at the time of the incident, made out it was trivial when I collected him and a biro could have done it (NOT) and was then told Ofsted approved equipment (Scissors)!!!

Safety scissors should be used for children of 4 and under at worst that do not cut skin. I shall wait for a report and consider further action. My son will be scarred for life.

rubyslippers · 09/06/2009 20:12

this is a very old thread ...

sorry to hear about your DS, saradiesel

RasI · 25/03/2015 12:02

My 2yr old was injured at nursery. He had massive swelling, brushing and cuts to his head. The nursery failed to contact me and I only noticed the injury on taking him home after he had finished his day session and removing his hat. I called the nursery immediately and they denied all knowledge of the injury, even after ofsted investigation, they are still denying it happened at the nursery, so its my word against theirs. What can be done? My child has not been the same since the injury, he has become tearful and withdrawn which is not in his character at all. We spent the night at A&E and he was placed under observation, I do not know what time the injury happened, if he had passed out after the injury, was sick, I have no knowledge at all.
This is now his 3rd unreported accident at the nursery. I have now pulled him out of there and doing everything in my power to get answers.

Littlefish · 25/03/2015 20:34

RasI - sorry to hear about your ds.

I suggest you start a new thread as you've added your message onto the end of a very old one. By the time people reach your message they are likely to answer the original first post.

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