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Brixton/HH/Streatham preschool/playgroup/community-run childcare recommendations

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StellBrix · 03/09/2008 22:16

Hi all. I'm a newbie and don't quite get 'DD' DS' = dear daughter/son? Anyway, my elder son (DS1!?) turns 3 at the end of Jan. There's a fantastic state nursery (Holmewood) just round the corner from us that I'm hoping he'll get into, but he just misses the January intake there. He MIGHT get into Holmewood early if other children drop out - he qualifies for his free 15 hours on April 1st - but officially he can't start with them until Sept 09 when he'll be nearly 4!

He still goes to a childminder at the mo, but he's outgrown her - I htink he spends a lot of time in front of the telly from the amount of CBeebies programmes he seems to know off by heart! - he needs more stimulation and time with children his own age. I'm reluctant to settle him into a fee-paying nursery which I'll then move him from when he can go to Holmewood but I'm just wondering whether anyone has any recommendations for nurseries/playgroups/preschools he could go to (without me!) that are good and not expensive? Just had another baby and money's tight now I'm on mat leave again and there seem to be so many different options for childcare - I'm slightly confused (you can probably tell). My head's spinning! This is all very dull and complicated, but basically if anyone has any bright ideas or has heard of good places, please shout! I once remember someone telling me about a group in Streatham run by parents where you can leave your child but you have to do a shift of running it every so often... sounds like an idea but not sure how to find it.

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bossykate · 03/09/2008 22:21

i think the group you're talking about is the childspace parent co-operative. i've just googled it and got a number but no web page. did you go to sitaram yoga in holmewood gardens by any chance? i think their kids went there.

bossykate · 03/09/2008 22:23

there are a number of inexpensive playgroups for eg. could you reduce his hours at the childminder and take him yourself?

bossykate · 03/09/2008 22:24

i think if he is mainly watching cbeebies with the cm he could do that with you at home!

StellBrix · 04/09/2008 14:12

Hi - I think you're right, it was called something like childspace. Thanks, I'll investigate!

He only goes to cm one day a week and the break it gives me is worth it even if he is watching telly. Am planning to investigate groups I can take him to myself for cold winter days (as opposed to cold summer days!) rather than the endless park trips butj ust want another option that gives me a break too. Thanks for help!

OP posts:
bossykate · 04/09/2008 14:27

oh yes it's good for you your older child to have a break when you're on mat leave glad to have been a help.

Blu · 04/09/2008 14:31

For indoor groups you can take him to: Just on the other side of the S Circular are The Hillside Gardens One O' Clock club which is reputed to be friendly and good, and there is a pre-school group in St Margarets church...which I think is on one of the corners of Cricklade Rd. (have not been to these mysel, but heard others talk of them)

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