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Anyone know when the free entitlement goes up to 15 hours a week?

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furrycat · 08/08/2008 15:42

Dose it vary from area to area?

OP posts:
scorpio1 · 08/08/2008 15:43

mine already has - Cornwall

furrycat · 08/08/2008 16:29

how can I find out about mine? (I'm in Brighton)

OP posts:
ScoobyDoo · 08/08/2008 16:29

Oh interesting i didn't even know this was happening, how do you find out?

LIZS · 08/08/2008 16:44

Check your lea website under Early Years , think it can vary but there is a govt deadline.

micegg · 08/08/2008 20:02

I believe the govt deadline is 2010.

Bubble99 · 08/08/2008 20:23

It will be 15 hours at state nurseries but in private nurseries (here in London, at least) it will be whatever hours the grant pays for.

The '15 hours' is misleading, IMO - unless you're at a state nursery.

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