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Need a really excellent nursery in Leicester (south ideally)

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AmyandIsabelle · 04/08/2008 12:03

Hi there, my dd age 19 months is desperate for lots of other kids to play with so we're looking for nursery recommendations around Leicester. We're based in LE3 south west Leicester but I drive and don't work so I can easily travel. We have been to look at a few local nurseries and were less than impressed. I first tried Sunflowers next to Braunstone leisure centre and their 'baby' room was practically unsupervised for most of the time and my daughter was left to run off and smack a tiny baby!!! I felt so unbelievably guilty and scared for both their safety I'd never take her back. Maybe I'm being fussy but I want something more than just 'babysitting' she'd really benefit from a bit of pre-school learning (yes I know she's 19 months). She's extremely intelligent and social, I'm not suggesting formal lessons but learning to play with water, sand, music, games, that kinda thing surely should be appropriate? It's what she's used to at home!

I guess part of the problem is she's not a 'baby' anymore but many nurseries won't let her join in with the toddlers from what I understand.

Has anyone tried Montessori in Leicester?

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stretchmarkqueen · 04/08/2008 12:29

Hi! I'm from Leicester, and my daughter is going to Montessori Nursery in Glenfield. My eldest goes to the primary school next door! I know a couple of people who work there, and I think it's a good nursery!! Ooooh, wonder if we know each other in RL?!!!

AmyandIsabelle · 04/08/2008 12:37

Hiya, lol, I doubt it as I've not been in Leicester very long and it feels like I know no one!!! Specially no one with children sadly. I would like to get to know people in rl though, partly why I want dd to go to a good nursery )

Will Montessori let her push ahead if she wants to? That was the main attraction for me... Oh and are they very much more expensive than regular private nursery (I've been told £30-40 a day round here?) Glenfield would be great for us, 10 mins drive is nothing )

OP posts:
stretchmarkqueen · 04/08/2008 13:05

Okay, firstly:

We go to a really good Mums and tots in glenfield on a thursday morning, lots of people go, and they're really nice! (honestly!] It starts back on 14th aug.

Montessori IS quite expensive, it all depends on how much you can afford. My DD2 will go for free as she is 3. IIRC, it was roughly £30 for a day, or less maybe?? Can't remember exactly! lol!

I'm not sure about letting her "push ahead" though, but some of the nurseries I know, do all the sand/water/music etc.. but it's mainly play and interacting with other children, which in itself is important.

I would give them a ring and ask!

link Try here for all the ones nearest to you! Good luck finding one!

AmyandIsabelle · 04/08/2008 14:29

Thanks ) Might give the mum's and tots a go... We're looking at 5 mornings for her so we'd have to pay nursery fees anyway. I'm fairly certain we won't get any help with fees but that's okay we've budgeted for that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pushy mum, she's more of a pushy child! As I said hyper intelligent and very social. She'd be bored stiff in a 'baby' room.

I've spoken to Glenfield Montessori and their policy is exactly that, to let kids push ahead at their own pace so it sounds ideal for her. We'll go and have a look round next week )

If anyone else has any ideas I'd be glad to hear them?

OP posts:
choufleur · 05/08/2008 19:04

if blaby isn't too far truecare is excellent. ds is really happy there and teh staff really seem to care

Santin · 09/01/2012 13:41

do anyonees kids go to Pied Piper day nursery in glenfield. currently hunting around for a good day nursery for my 2 year old. Would really like some place recommended.

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