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Anyone with experience of nurseries in Exeter?

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nomiedevon · 17/07/2008 08:12

Hello there!
I'm beginning the scary process of heading back to work (interview tuesday ) and wondered if any mums out there know of good nurseries in central Exeter? My lovely girl is 3 in Nov
Thank-you x

OP posts:
Shoegazer · 17/07/2008 11:32

We're in West Exe and my 2 year old DD started last month at Little Ones at the Children's Centre and she loves it there and I find the staff lovely. However, when we were looking lots and lots of people recommended Puffins Nursery to me, its in Southernhay so is more central, so I would recommend having a look at that one. Good luck with your interview!

Shoegazer · 17/07/2008 11:33

Just to add, the only reason we didn't choose Puffins is because its not as close

nomiedevon · 21/07/2008 09:39

Thanks so much shoegazer! I've heard good things about Puffins too so will check out the one in Southernhay if things go well tomorrow
I also noticed one called Tic Tocs nearby - any info on that one?
Thanks again x

OP posts:
Shoegazer · 22/07/2008 15:25

Hope your interview went well today, fingers crossed for you! Sory, I haven't looked into Tic Tocs or heard anything about it either way, it was Puffins or Little Ones that everyone talked about to me.

Serenity1 · 31/07/2010 21:48


Did you manage to find a good nursery for your little girl? We lived near tic tocs but heard from an agency nursery nurse that it was really bad and she advised strongly AGAINST sending chold there. She also said Puffins has gone downhill, as they have expanded and also now take on trainees who don't have a clue what they are doing, whereas the permanent staff are bored and can't be bothered doign their work properly.

Munchkins, in Saint Leonards has also had quite a few complaints from parents.

Hope your girl is settled somewhere better than the above !

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