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leaving ds at nursery

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myermay · 03/02/2005 20:17

Message withdrawn

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misdee · 03/02/2005 20:18

its normal. dd2 went into nursery one afternoon a week, and after the settling in session i was worried, but all i got was a kiss, 'bye mum' and off she went. i felt useless allafternoon til she got home.

Twiglett · 03/02/2005 20:22

normal normal normal

northstar · 03/02/2005 20:25

Myermay - enjoy this time. Put your feet up and relax, DONT DONT DONT do any housework. You'll learn to enjoy these hours, and your ds will love them too. And if you have time search for the thread "you know your child is in nursery when......." it is really funny and very true. My ds told me after one week in nursery "mummy it's a YOGHURT not a YOGGIE"

californiagirl · 04/02/2005 19:49

My DD's first day at nursery (at 7 months) she loved it. I wept pretty much all day. The staff had to hug me. What's even more pathetic is that 2.5 months later she went full-time, which I'd been waiting for anxiously, and I did it all over again! (I was much better at hiding it the second time, though, I didn't weep in front of her or the staff.)

Fran1 · 04/02/2005 19:55

Hey i know how you feel!!

My 2 yr old dd started pre-school last week, and she is going two mornings a week. I was supposed to be staying with her to settle her, but the staff told me to go as she seemed so happy. The second day, she wandered in and waved bye without a tear.

The days before i was worrying, feeling guilty about leaving her. But honestly she was so happy there, and it is such a short period of time i enjoyed the peace to be honest with you!

Wish you luck!!

MrsBigD · 04/02/2005 19:55

as far as I know it's perfectly normal

though I'm odd ... I wasn't weepy at all... dd (3 yo) started nursery 2 weeks ago (2.5h per day) and I was mainly worried about the staff being able to cope with my little anti-christ! I actually was looking forward to the break! . saying that I'm used to 'ditching' her as I went back to work when she was 5 mo old. didn't shed a tear then either as I knew she was in good hands.

Oh and naturally at nursery 'anti-christ' turns into 'sweet peas'

Fran1 · 04/02/2005 20:01

I should have said i too have been leaving dd since she was 3mths one or two days a week with Grandparents as i went back to work.

I s'pose thats why she didn't find it too hard to settle as she's used to me leaving her!

myermay · 04/02/2005 20:02

Message withdrawn

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