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Dog in a kennel in nursery grounds - don't know how I feel about it.

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TracyK · 10/07/2008 20:24

I heard it barking today as I pulled into the car park. Shielded behind some bushes there's a kennel/dog shed (locked) - couldn't get the angle right to see what kind of dog it was. Car park is at the edge of the nursery play area.

I love dogs - but not sure how I feel about this? Gut reaction was that I wasn't really very comfortable with it - and don't think it's very fair on the dog either.

The nursery owner lives on the premises so I presume it's her dog.

What would you think/do?

ps ds only has a month left before he leaves - but i'm pissed at them cos I wanted to cut his hours and they said they needed a months notice.

OP posts:
looopy · 10/07/2008 21:02

Hi Tracy K. Whether its fair on the dog depends if it is used to being put into kennel, some would cope some wouldn't. Is the enclosure secure enough that it won't get out. Was it disturbing the kids. If you've only a month left then unless the dogs seems really stressed or you think it could get out where ds is probably not worth worrying about. Doesn't sound ideal though on the same site as a nursery, not sure I'd feel right about it if I turned up at my ds's nursery and saw a dog on the premises, particularly if there was no warning or consultation.

TracyK · 11/07/2008 07:29

Thanks Loopy. It was barking when I arrived and I'm sure it would bark any time a parent arrived throughout the day and then probably when the kids were out playing.

I hung about a bit to see if it was whining/crying and it didn't seem to be. But the owner has the whole top floor of a massive old house - I'd have thought the dog would have been better of (for it and the nursery) to have been in the house.

OP posts:
looopy · 11/07/2008 19:54

Most dogs are better off in a house in my view unless they are working dogs i.e. police dog. As its not whining though then thats a good sign I guess.

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