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Ideal baby room!

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saraho29 · 04/07/2008 21:23


I'm after some help and ideas please!!
I work in a Nursery and i'm starting in the baby room, it's a new brand new room.

SO.... What would your dream baby room be like??



OP posts:
Bubble99 · 04/07/2008 22:03

Describe the room and the nursery. Is it purpose built or a conversion?

TheOldestCat · 04/07/2008 22:08

It would be full of lovely people who snuggle the babies!

That's the main thing I remember (and appreciated) about the baby room at DD's nursery.

But also...

The babies loved the little ball pool in the corner of the room. They had a mirror on the wall, a big comfy sofa and lots of rugs with different textures/ colours. The nursery staff often changed the layout of the room, apparently to keep the babies interested.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

tazmosis · 04/07/2008 22:08

Interesting things hanging from the ceiling is good, to keep them interested when they can't yet sit up. Also the baby room in DD's nursery had a kind of foil/steel piece of wall that is like a mirror and the little ones love it, looking at themselves all the time (once they are crawling and sitting). Beanbags and things so the carers can hold/feed the babies comfortably and babies can also snooze/lie on.

madcol · 04/07/2008 22:11

IMO too many people chose beige-like colours to be fashionable but babies really prefer bright, constrasting colours. I chose yellow because bright and good for both sexes.

KatyMac · 05/07/2008 08:36

We have

  • settees and comfy chairs where the carers and babies can sit & snuggle
  • lots of scarves, dingle dangles on the ceiling, providing movement & gentle sounds
  • lots of pictures/mirrors/textures on the wall up to about 3 ft high for interest
  • easy access to bottles without having t leave the room/line of sight

    I have a think, & if I can, add more later
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