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Nursery places for 2 DC for under £300 pw?

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fiodyl · 29/06/2008 20:47

Is it possible to get full time nusery places for 2 children (1 and a half and 2 and a half) for under £300 per week in the south east?

I havent been able to find anywhere so far and it would make going back to work pointless if I was paying anymore than this amount(its the limit tax credits will pay 80% on)so far the cheapest Ive found is £365 pw for the 2 DC which would only mean £15 a week extra income to what I have now as a SAHM.

Would a childminder be any cheaper for 2 children?

OP posts:
milliec · 29/06/2008 22:40

Message withdrawn

SIOBHANB2008 · 30/06/2008 10:03

have u thought about getting a nanny and sharing her ie with another family, that should be probably less for 300pw each family!

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