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Green nursery (?Katymac)

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1dilemma · 21/05/2008 22:52

Hi everyone
I am trying to 'green' my nursery.

There are 1,000 things they could do.

Switch off lights, shut door to outside (enclosed garden door left open a crack for ventilation, childproof door between children's room and this door!)in Winter

Waste less food


Sort out central heating

Switch ceiling fan off when they go outside for 2 hrs

I could go on but I think you get the picture.

There are some things that need doing eg new roof so now is the time for insulation, it is a charity can anyone point me to a website or company/organisation that can help advise them? Thanks

(I'm not sure they'll spend money for advice IYSWIM)

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mummypig · 21/05/2008 23:19

Hi the energy saving trust has a bit on their website where you put in details of the building and they tell you things which would save energy (and therefore money) like installing energy efficient lightbulbs, insulating, changing the boiler etc.. I did this once for my house, and received follow-up e-mails and letters to see if I'd done anything since filling in the survey! Apparently they can also give you details of workmen/companies in your area who can do the work if you need insulation etc. The online 'survey' and the list of recommended companies is all free.

Friends of the Earth has a list of "no cost ways to save energy" on their website but it's more geared towards homes than businesses.

Perhaps to make it sound more positive you could suggest they plan an 'environment' or 'our world' topic for the pre-schoolers and talk to the kids about ways to save energy/water/food... then the kids might help to pester the staff about the little things like turning lights off!

KatyMac · 22/05/2008 20:31

There should be someone at the council who can give advise to businesses about being greener - they are free

Ask questions on the green building Forum or the It's not easy being green website

1dilemma · 22/05/2008 21:44

Thanks Katymac!
Hoped you'd be alongHope all is going well wiht yours I've only seen little bits about it recently

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1dilemma · 22/05/2008 21:46

Thanks Katymac!
Hoped you'd be along
Hope all is going well wiht yours I've only seen little bits about it recently

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