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Split Nursery Time between 2 nurseries - possible or not?

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Leeeza · 13/05/2008 12:12

Can someone tell me how many free nursery hours my DS will get when he is 3 (live in Scotland if this makes a difference). Also I work 3 days a week and one set of grandparents have him 2 days and 1 set have him the other day. One lives in north side of glasgow and one in south side of glasgow (different councils). Can i split his time between 2 nurseries so that he can easily be picked up/dropped off by each set of grand-parents. Otherwise dont know what I'll do. Also, are there such a thing as reports (like ofsted or something) for glasgow nurseries to find out more about them. Thanks x

OP posts:
prettybird · 13/05/2008 13:19

You need to look for HMI reports - go to the Glasgow City Councul web site (or East Renfrewshire/East Dunbartonshire and look at nurseries and they will give you the links.

Don't know if you can split between two councils: you are entitled to 12.5 hours, so you may be able to do at is 2.5 days. It depends on whether you are looking at state nurseries or private nurseires.

The 12.5 hours "free" start (term time only) from the term following the term that your ds turns 3.

If you choose to take him to a state nursery, they usually have a choice of monring or afternoon sessions, either 9 to 11.30 or 1 to 3.30, although some do also provide (at an extra cost) cover for lunch time - and if there is space you can get your child into the "ither" session (again at extra cost). I know ds was offered lunch/afternoon sessions after he'd beent here fro a bit, but we were already geared up to pick him p and get him to the childminder.

if you go private, then they just deduct the 12.5 hours "free" from what they would charge.

nailpolish · 13/05/2008 13:21

my dd gets 12.5 free huosrs a week

she goes to nursery 24 hrs a week (over 3 days) so thereofre the nursery jsut subtract the 12.5 and i pay for 11.5

i dont think 2 nurseries would be good for a child - wouldnt he get confused and have to make 2 sets of friends etc? its hard starting nursery as it is for a wee one - never mind 2. my local primary school nursery has offered dd2 a place for a couple of mornings a week (the dyas she doesnt go to her normal nursery) but ive turned it down as i think its too much for a bairn

littlepinkpixie · 13/05/2008 13:23

If you phone your councils early years coordinator they will be able to tell you if this is possible. It is OK to split funding between two nurseries in the same concil area, as I have done this, but not sure about between two councils.

mum2jakeyroo · 13/05/2008 13:44

it is possible to split between 2 councils. i have done it but stopped as it was getting 2 confusing for my ds and he favoured one over the other and didn't want to go to other one which he had been at since 6 months old.

kerryk · 13/05/2008 16:20

my dd goes to two nurseries, a private one in the morning (which i work in so she goes with me but in a seperate room) then council nursery in the afternoon. it does not bother her as she is a really outgoing child but can see how some children would have a problem with it.

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