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Help me prepare...

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EdieMcredie · 07/05/2008 11:51

...Im going back to work on June 20th for 22.5hrs. My DD will be 8 months and will be at nursery for a whole Friday each week.

What do I need to do to get organised?? I have been off work for a year!

Im trying to get a good supply of EBM in the fridge as DD is breastfed.

What else must I think of??...

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MrsBadger · 07/05/2008 13:16

the mornings are the hardest bit and the most worth practising

Start with what time you need to be at work/ nursery and work backwards to find out what time you need to leave the house and therefore when to get up - take traffic into account.
Then set the alarm and practise doing it for at least two weeks before you start, so you can work out if (eg) dd needs to go to bed earlier, you need to put washing on at a different time of day / get breakfast ready the night before etc.
Have all bags packed the night before too.

also consider:
Spare clothes and sunhats to leave at nursery
comfort blanket / sucky rabbit / whatever for nursery - either introduce a substitute, get a duplicate or resign yourself to dragging it to and fro every day
Foolproof ways of transporting milk (coolbags & ice pack, freezer storage bags / bottles etc - make sure you have enough)
logistics of pumping at work if you're going to

And always remember she will poo just before you leave the house on the mornings you cut it fine...

meep · 07/05/2008 13:20

everything MrsBadger says - and that she will always decide to have a long lie when it is a nursery mnorning......

Definitely get everything ready teh night before so that you just have to pop her milk/food in a bag just before you leave.

Good luck!

MrsBadger · 07/05/2008 13:56

(and just to give a hellish example:

DH started a new contract today and had an early start and a 150mile drive. He sweetly took dd downstairs with him for breakfast to have some quality time with her before he left and give me an extra 10min in bed, planning to hand her back and leave at 7am when I was out the shower.

6.55am dd pooed explosively on the carpet.
Suddenly we had both a baby and a carpet to clean up, dh had to leave, I was dripping and naked and dd was howling on the changing mat...

...and yet we were at nursery poo-free bang on 8am)

EdieMcredie · 09/05/2008 07:38

Thanks MrsBadger, that's fab. Now for the funny bit: DP is going to be taking her to nursery and getting her ready

Actually that's not funny at all. She will probably arrive half dressed covered in her breakfast for the first couple of weeks!!

So might he

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