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Have booked dd in for a whole day from Sept...any bad experiences?

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BottlebinBerrie · 06/05/2008 07:34

I know a lot of you will think this really silly but I'm having serious doubts. From September I've booked dd in for a whole day so that I can get some time for planning and preparation time for the job I do in the evenings and also just to have a bit of time to myself. Ds will also be starting school and I'm thinking that things will be a bit quiet around here.
DD, who will be 3, is confident and sociable but I am feeling guilty. At the moment she goes to a playgroup for 3 hours once a week and has always been fine.

I suppose what I want to hear any bad experiences to confirm what a wicked thing it is that I'm planning to do!

OP posts:
EvelynsDad · 06/05/2008 21:45

Our little girl loves her nursery. Lots of friends and stimulating activities. Usually she doesn't want to come home at the end of the day

I bet your DD will love it.

LoveMyGirls · 06/05/2008 21:49

Don't worry i'm sure she will love it, making friends and gaining independance.

did you know she is entitled to 5 free mornings per week if you live in england?

auntyspan · 06/05/2008 21:51

It sounds like she'll love it. It will give her loads of confidence, she'll enjoy mixing with the other kids, and give you a br eak too.

My DD loves nursery and asks every morning if it's a "nursery day"

callmeovercautious · 06/05/2008 21:52

DD is 20m and goes 3 days a week whilst I work. She loves it. So much so she runs away when she sees me come in and does not want to come home

Pavlovthecat · 06/05/2008 21:52

She will absolutely love it. It might take her a few weeks to settle, that is perfectly normal, and it will be great for her.

My DD aged 22 months goes 1 day a week, she loves it. Its part of her weekly routine and I think she even misses it if she does not go.

One of my BF DS is 3 and he goes for 1 day too, started recently and he just flourished there. He was already well developed, but his speech is even more developed, social skills increasing even more, it is noticeable.

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