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Childcare vouchers from employer - Does anyone know how they work?

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 21/04/2008 14:10

I work for the council and somebody told me I can get vouchers from work but as I get tax credits, am I not entitled to them?

OP posts:
cmotdibbler · 21/04/2008 14:15

You are entitled to them - but because they come off your gross pay, apparently you do need to be careful as you'll be paying less tax, so sometimes are not worth it apparently. You'd need to talk to HR or CAB for the lowdown on that.

They take the 245 quid (or however much you say)off your gross pay (before tax or NI) and you get a paper or electronic voucher to give/pay your registered childcare person.

flowerybeanbag · 21/04/2008 14:16

Have a read of this website

llareggub · 21/04/2008 14:18

Talk to your pensions team to find out impact on your local govt pension. If you intend having another baby you'll need to find out the impact of the salary sacrifice on your maternity pay.

SydneyB · 21/04/2008 14:18

EVERYONE is eligible for them regardless of income and both parents can get it from their employers. Is cost-neutral for employers. Me and DH save about £3k a year in tax doing it.

Bramshott · 21/04/2008 14:19

They're fab!!! I don't think there is a downside?!

Bramshott · 21/04/2008 14:19

Ah, I see, others are more informed than me sorry .

DontCallMeBaby · 21/04/2008 14:25

The other catch is that the salary sacrifice mustn't mean that your hourly rate of pay goes below minimum wage (I don't know why this IS, given that you benefit from the money, even though you don't get it as cash in the bank, but this is apparently how it works). Your pay section should be able to advise on that one.

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