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Ok so am I being over protective or do I have a genuine concern?

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milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 17/04/2008 09:54

My DD attends a nursery that OFSTED calls 'outstanding', she is there for 2 days a week. She was in the Baby Unit up until the beginning of March, the baby unit was worthy of its outstanding accolade - no complaints or concerns there but since she has moved up to the toddler unit I have not been as happy with her care.

Just to say that I think I pay nursery to provide the same standard of care that I would do at home, I accept they have to do things differently because they are looking after a group of children. I'm not an over protective Mummy either and believe in children exploring their world and accepting that different people have different ways of doing things.

So my concerns are these: inadequate supervision (turned up this morning and there was one lady looking after children in two rooms, she seemed harassed and was a bit stroppy), DD coming home in a soaking wet nappy and numerous scrapes and bruises but no explanations.

OP posts:
MrsMattie · 17/04/2008 09:57

One woman looking after children in two rooms - breaks the child-adult ratio. Nurseries are supposed to be very strict about this. I'd be worried about that, to be honest.

Scrapes & bruises - normal. Unless your child is cut, has a bump to the head, is bitten etc, then the nursery should always inform you and fill out an accident form. Otherwise - these things happen.

Wet nappies - what is their policy on this? Do they have set nappy changing times? If your child is always coming home wet, say something.

RubySlippers · 17/04/2008 09:58

i think you are right to be concerned

any bumps and bruises should be explained - even if it is just because they are a toddler and tripped over their own feet, as my DS frequently does. An incident should be explained to you, and a form prodcued for you to sign

soaking wet nappy - would ask them to change it before you go home

inadeqaute supervision - this would have make me very concerned. There is a certain minimum of staff:children ratio which needs to be observed and they aren't doing that

milfAKAmonkeymonkeymoomoo · 17/04/2008 10:02

Ok, that is helpful Unfortunately I only realised her nappy was wet when I got her home otherwise I would have said something.

Hmm, may call about the supervisions thing - do they have to have an absolute minimum number of staff in a room i.e. if there are only 3 kids in they still have to have 2 staff?

OP posts:
RubySlippers · 17/04/2008 10:03

milf - ratios here

Day Nurseries
Minimum staffing ratios (this includes children of staff and volunteers)
one member of staff for every three children under two years old
one member of staff for every four children aged two years old
one member of staff for every eight children aged three to eight years old.

MrsMattie · 17/04/2008 10:05

I think the ratios are:

For babies-2 yr olds - 1 adult to 3 children

For 2-3 yr olds - 1 adult to 4 children
3-7 yr olds - 1 adult to 8 children

I'm sure a nursery teacher will be along soon to correct me!

cmotdibbler · 17/04/2008 10:12

At DS's nursery there are always two people in the room, even if only 3 children there.
If I turned up and there was only one staff member I would say something gentle like 'gosh, you've got your handsfull this morning - is someone sick ?' to find out whether its just that they are off picking up breaskfast

The scrapes and bruises are inevitable in toddlers though, as they are just running round so much, and if they don't cry about it, the staff might not notice, or think that there was anything. For instance DS frequently falls over his own feet, then gets up and keeps running - later I might notice a bruise. I wouldn't expect them to do an accident form for that, but they do if he gets bitten, or has a toy thrown at him for instance.

wb · 17/04/2008 10:18

I don't think its reasonable to expect them to be able to explain every small scrape and bruise tbh. Toddlers are forever bumping into things, falling over things (including own feet) etc. Not much can be done about it (or needs to be done imo).

Staffing ratios should be 1 adult to 3 children -though 1 adult in a larger group of children/supervisors may temporarily be absent - going to loo, changing nappies etc. (So if there were 12 children but only 3 adults for a few minutes that would be OK). I think you are wise to be concerned on this issue and would ask for an explanation.

nooname · 17/04/2008 10:18

Re the supervision - at ds' nursery it is always a bit thin on the ground at dropping off time as they stagger their staff coming in. But it is only for a little while and there are loads of parents around.

I would definitely be concerned at one adult to two rooms though. I would speak to the manager about that immediately as I would assume something had gone badly wrong on that particular day.

As she has changed rooms I suggest you speak to the room-leader and don't make it sound like you are complaining about a particular incident but ask her lots of questions about what their processes are. EG in the baby room they change nappies at X and Y time - what happens here? What is the process for injuries? Then you know what you should be expecting and can query it if you don't get that. If you aren't happy with their processes then take it up with the manager.

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