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Nursery owner has become bankrupt - does anyone have experience of this?

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flossish · 04/04/2008 16:48

Found a lovely nursery for DS this year which we have been delighted with. He goes for a morning and an afternoon session each week for his early years education. However it has been closed due to the owner being declared bankrupt. We'd had no forewarning of this, in fact the only sign in retrospect was a letter asking parents to please pay on time after some problems over xmas.

The manager has been very apologectic, luckily for us we do not rely on the nursery childcare for our jobs. She says she will find out on Wednesday whether the business has to close or not. We are completely clueless about this situation and have no idea what the liklehood of the nursery re opening is. I've resigned myself to waiting and seeing as regard to trying to find other places for DS, mostly out of loyalty. I'm well aware that if it re-opens it is quite likely to subject to price rises.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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flossish · 04/04/2008 19:51


Have realised it all sounds as though its all about us in the original message, am really upset for her all the staff and the parents whose work plans have been turned upside down ofcourse.

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