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How clean are you ds/dd when you collect from Nursery

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LEMONADEGIRL · 07/03/2008 14:19

My ds is usually absolutley filthy, wearing his lunch and currenly using it as a substitute for hair jell. Ds is comming up to 18mths so does feed himself and is reluctant to let anyone else. Trouble is on several occasions have to stick him in the bath when get him home before we can do anything else that day. Lovely nursery in all respects but wish they could stop him rubbing it all over his head He doesnt do this at home btw and shows no inclination to either.

Does this happen to anyone else,or am I just being picky

OP posts:
aberdeenhiker · 07/03/2008 14:21

My DS is the messiest child every day when I pick him up (20 months) but he's gloriously happy there so I don't care. Honestly I'm glad he has a chance to make a mess outside of my house so I don't have to do more than clean him up.

PrettyCandles · 07/03/2008 14:22

Maybe just a little picky. He probably doesn't do it at home because he's getting one-to-one attention from you, whereas at nursery they're probably left more to get on with it. Which is a good thing, really. But I agree that it would be nice if they made more effort to clean him up a bit.

I could always tell what mine had been doing at nursery from the residues under their nails, in the skin creases of their hands, often in their hair, and in dd's case, the smears under their noses. Not to mention the state of their sweaters!

loujay · 07/03/2008 14:22

My DD is 4.6 and STILL comes home from school with lunch down her front, round her mouth and sometimes in her hair!!
I keep reminding her to go to the bathroom after lunch and wash her face but no luck yet, I just seem to have a sticky child and she has always been like that.

themildmanneredjanitor · 07/03/2008 14:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ceebee74 · 07/03/2008 14:27

My Ds (20mo) regularly comes home with tomato sauce all the way up his sleeves, in his eyebrows, hair etc but I don't mind at all as I am just glad I don't have to clean up the mess on the table.

He doesn't get this messy at home as we use full body bibs (the ones with arms etc) whereas they don't use those kind at nursery.

I am assuming your DS is only going in the mornings (just going from what you said about having to bath him before you do anything else) as my DS does full days therefore it is bathtime anyway when we get home.

Tbh, I am a slobbish about these things and would probably go out with him in the state he is

Madlentileater · 07/03/2008 14:30

Penelope Leach said somewhere that if a pre school child was clean at the end of the day it must mean either they've been swimming, or they hadn't been sufficiently stimulated. Or words to that effect. Took great comfort from that when dcs were small.

LEMONADEGIRL · 07/03/2008 14:32

ok so am picky then
The clothes do not bother me as you can always change them its the hair thing and we are talking caked in it. I fully expect ds to not come back clean though

OP posts:
LEMONADEGIRL · 07/03/2008 14:34

oh like that madlentileater

OP posts:
arransmummy · 13/03/2008 13:01

Well yesterday ds came home from nursery wearing the following:-

paint as make up
pasta sause as hair gel
muck all up his trousers
someone elses socks?????
sand in his toes
yogurt all over his top.

He is 3 in july and still comes home in a mess. i love it though cause it shows he's had a good exciting day. As madlentileater says if they come home clean you should be worried.

HandbagAddiction · 13/03/2008 13:05

It used to snnoy me intensely when both the dds used to come from from nursery in their clean changes of clothes meaning that they got through 2 outfits a day...and I was surrounded by mountains of washing. The nursery basically used to change them around 5pm just before parents starting picking up so that they all looked nice and clean...

Lazylou · 13/03/2008 13:10

I used to check with parents before changing their children at the end of the day because like you Handbag, some parents used to get annoyed with us for doing it. On the other hand though, most parents were pleased that we had changed their children because they usually had to go to pick up other children elsewhere or had other things to do.

Botbot · 13/03/2008 13:15

Usually quite grubby. Hair full of yellow paint last night, and sand in her turn-ups. Don't mind though - shows she's enjoyed herself.

SoupDragon · 13/03/2008 13:17

I@d be worried if BabyDragon came home clean

foodfiend · 13/03/2008 13:17

Dd always comes home from the minder far cleaner than at the end of a day at home - sometimes a bit painty or pen-stained, but at home she seems to spread food everywhere, but not at the minder's, and she doesn't even have a bib there. I'm not sure how she manages it. Must be something to do with the height of the chair she sits on or something. A mystery.

I don't mind clothes, but I'd be a bit fed up if they hadn't properly cleaned her face, hands or hair after a meal... unhygienic surely.

bossybritches · 17/03/2008 21:58

I always warn parents not to send the children in best clothes as they WILL get mucky despite aprons!!

However we keep a supply of soft face cloths (disposable) & each child is helped to wipe down after meals so they shouldn't be too caked up?!

bosch · 17/03/2008 22:08

Hmm. Ds 1 and 2 used to come home from nursery pretty clean, with a bit of paint on their hands, but clean faces and normally clean(ish) clothes (I'm sure nurseries have aprons too...).

Ds3 comes home from his (different) nursery with face, clothes and hair caked in food and snot. Dh normally asks if he can be cleaned. I smile weakly and wonder if they don't have any face cloths...

Azaduhi · 19/03/2008 23:10

hi i am quiet shocked about your stories!!!
i am a nursery nurse myself and work with babies aged 6months-2years. we do encourage the babies/children to develop their independence while feeding and would only assist when needed, but during mealtimes all our children wear pelican bibs, have their sleeves rolled up and we clean the faces&hands with face flannels each time.

of course a nursery is and can be a messy environment theirfore we also tell parents not to dress the children in their best clothes.

but at the end of the day i couldn't hand over a child to his parents dirty like that, so if clothes get dirty at mealtimes, fair enough but thats what spare clothes are for.

i don't think a child has to go to his carer to ask to be cleaned, that is part of my job.

i would speak to management if i would be you, as a parents you would expect your child to be handed over to you the way you dropped him in the morning, without sticky food, bogy, cornflour, etc. in face and hair.

Azaduhi · 19/03/2008 23:13

By themildmanneredjanitor on Fri 07-Mar-08 14:22:56
you are being picky.
a messy child isna child is a child who has had fun!

reply to this:

sure that a messy child is a child that had fun, but spare clothes and a good wipe around the face and hair would do!!!

Pinkjenny · 20/03/2008 12:31

I have to agree with you on this Lemonade - I picked dd (10mo) up from nursery yesterday and she was absolutely filthy, her face was covered in food etc etc. She was also wearing her change of clothes despite the clothes that I sent her in being immaculate when I took them out of her bag. I can only assume that they got wet?!

I wish they'd just keep her face clean, I don't want it to get chapped. Its such a lovely place though and the carers are so wonderful, I feel like a right ogre going in and wanting to know why she's been changed.

The other issue seems to be that Ialways put 2-3 jars of baby food in her bag in case she won't eat whatever's on the menu, Even when she has reportedly eaten their food, the jars are still gone from her bag.

Are they stealing them? Are they putting them away for her?

I seem to be struck dumb when I pick her up! She onyl goes two days a week so I can cope. Just.

Azaduhi · 20/03/2008 21:59

pinkjenny- don't they give you a feedback at the end of the day?
i mean how she was and what she ate?

if you have questions e.g. like the jar thing just ask them.

Jane68 · 20/03/2008 22:05

Generally filthy, I take it as meaning she's had a good time.

cheesesarnie · 20/03/2008 22:07

if he enjoys nursery surely theres no problem.

scottishmummy · 20/03/2008 22:16

i pay good money to have my wee one come home manky eg paint in hair, clothes fact glitter in nappy.LemonadeGirl you pay for this be happy they have so much fun -glueing, sticking, painting etc

i would worry more if they came home clean wondering they had done nothing

children explore environment and develop self confidence and motor skills by getting manky etc

so love the manky wee one!means he has fun

frasersmummy · 20/03/2008 22:23

I have to say if I pick son up before 5.15 he is completley manky.

If I pick him up after this time his face is usually clean

I think they must look at them and think oh we should at least wash their face before the parents arrive

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