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Baby going to a nursery for the first time

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elatedad · 26/02/2008 08:04

What do we need to think about before leaving baby at the nursery for the first time? I am confident in the level of care provided, just a little unsure how things work regarding DS's irregular eating and sleeping times, also interaction with other children. So far we have fed him and played with him and organised his naps and longer sleeps by his body clock and not according to our scheduling. He will be about 12 months old when he goes to the creche for the first time.

OP posts:
RubySlippers · 26/02/2008 08:09

have you arranged any settling in sessions?

these are really helpful IME

You will also hopefully have a key worked for your DS so you can discuss all his needs

how old is he at the moment?

bossybritches · 26/02/2008 08:21

ELate- hopefully the nursery will fit in as much as possible with your baby's routine such as it is.

Might be useful to write a few notes telling them about warning signs with him for tiredness (rubs ears, whingy cry?)

does he sleep on his back or front (yes I know it should be back but somme babies don't!!)

does he like a snuggly? Sometimes a blanket or teddy from home will be a comfort for the first few visits as it's a familiar smell.

Why not ask your sons keyworker if you can have a visit & sit & chat about these things before he starts properly?

zebedee1 · 27/02/2008 10:06

Watching this with interest Elatedad, DS will also soon be heading off to nursery aged 12 months.... Am also a little worried especially as he is still breastfed and refuses formula or expressed milk in a bottle or cup!!

If it helps, I met DS's key worker and she said that they always go with the childs normal routine or "cues" for things like eating and sleeping but that after a few weeks a lot of them at similar age find themselves in a similar routine - I guess they see each other eating or playing and want to copy?

Hope your Ds sttles and enjoys his time at nursery.

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