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Nursery dog - would you?

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slinkiemalinki · 16/01/2008 23:10

Just found out my DD has a place at a nursery close by when she is 2.4 (now 20 mts). Very popular, one of the few walking distance (except for one judged inadequate by Ofsted and a daycare one - this is for 4 x mornings a week). When we went for a tour, I was surprised to see they had a dog. A Lakeland terrier I think. Apparently he loves children (in my experience people with dogs always say this even with scary dogs). I have a history of allergies and am not a fan of dogs, so in a way I wouldn't mind her being a bit more relaxed around them than I am - but still pretty suspicious of it. What do you think? Would it bother you?!

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ChristmasShinySnowflakes · 16/01/2008 23:12

Oh Lord

Please don't let this be the nursery I think it is

What area are you in?

expatinscotland · 16/01/2008 23:13


But then, I don't like dogs.

MAMAZON · 16/01/2008 23:14

i love dogs but i still don't think it appropriate and certainly not very fair on teh dog to have a clas of 30 pre schoolers chasing it about all day

Pruners · 16/01/2008 23:17

Message withdrawn

Staceym21AtLast · 16/01/2008 23:19

it depends, if dog was away from children and any access was supervised i dont think id mind. if it was roaming id be more cautious.

Ineedaholiday · 17/01/2008 12:56

Ive never heard of a nursery having a dog. Dont think id be happy if it was roaming amongst the children though.
Are nurserys allowed to have pets?

Hobnobfanatic · 17/01/2008 13:15

The Tweenies have Doodles... That seems to work quite well

FioFio · 17/01/2008 13:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BettySpaghetti · 17/01/2008 13:21

DS's nursery have snails, fish and mice which I'm happy about.

Not sure about dogs -I've never had a dog as a pet (although I know a lot of people with them) and I'm never 100% confident about dogs and children together. Theres too much scope for a dog to turn and bite if accidently/intentionally hurt or frightened by a child.

Also a lot of children are not overly keen on "bigger", non caged pets like cats and dogs so I don't think it would be very nice for them to feel nervous or scared all day in the nursery environment

TheBlonde · 17/01/2008 13:28

Personally I wouldn't send my child to a nursery with a dog

jelliebelly · 17/01/2008 13:31

I wouldn't send ds to a nursery with a dog -apart from the fact that I am not a fan of dogs generally, the carers have enough on their hands dealing with a room full of toddlers let alone a dog as well...

Meeely2 · 17/01/2008 13:35

my kids nursery has a dog, and rabbits and gerbils and hamsters i believe. The nursery is situated in a family home - the family live upstairs the nursery is downstairs - the dog can often be found wandering around outside but is never in the rooms with the kids. the dog goes on walks in the woods with the children. Hes a family pet (the nursery owners dog) and he's an angel. I have no issues at all with it.

I could see why some people might though, so if you don't like it, don't go there, simple.

Mummywannabe · 17/01/2008 14:25

There are specific rules in then national standards for day care relating to pets, have a look and then ask them how they meet them. Surestart website i think. In my opinion (as a nursery manager) its a really bad idea but i guess some parents are fine with it.

slinkiemalinki · 18/01/2008 21:27

Thanks all. Have to say I was a bit surprised too and not sure if it was allowed (but only managed to track down the guidelines on pets in family day care - is that childminding? - rather than sessional nurseries; will keep looking). Will mull it over but did really want somewhere in immediate area. Christmas - the nursery is in SW London. Was hoping to get lots of people saying I was being paranoid but seems I am not the only one who's a bit cool on the idea. Thanks very much

OP posts:
PortAndLemon · 18/01/2008 21:34

DS's nursery (also SW London) has chickens and rabbits and hamsters and fish, which are all great. I'm not convinced that a nursery is the best environment for a dog, though, from the dog's point of view as much as the children's.

TheBlonde · 19/01/2008 14:17

I would expect the Ofsted report or registration to mention the dog and any associated conditions/requirements

callmeovercautious · 19/01/2008 14:23

DD ended up at Nursery as all the local Childminders had Dogs or Cats. We both get excema and allergies from fur so I had to go for a Nursery - I thought they would not be allowed one.

Even without the allergies issue I would not want her around a Dog without being there to Supervise personally.

littleladylollipop · 21/01/2008 13:36

I have a lovely dog, a little Jack Russell, the children I care for love her when I occasionaly bring her in for a visit.

I don't think in a nursery setting its a very good idea.

CountryGirl2007 · 27/02/2008 00:21

Personally I wouldn't like the dog to be in an environment with all those children as some children can be so cruel. From the children's point of view, as long as the dog is good-tempered and well socialised there should be no problem, if a dog reacts to a child that has hurt it, but growling or nipping, then it is the child's fault, but hopefully the person running the nursery make's sure that this doesn't happen.

slinkiemalinki · 02/03/2008 21:36

I hope so as I have accepted the place! Still drawing a blank as to anywhere else within walking distance so will just see how it goes... hmm thanks all.

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