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To nursery or not to nursery? Or does anyone in SE London have a toddler I could borrow?

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legalalien · 10/01/2008 15:11

DS (age 3) has a nanny atm, as both of us work full time. She is lovely / capable, but have been sending him to nursery one afternoon a week for the last couple of months for general "socialisation" reasons. Went there today for a visit (didn't drop him off as he was jet-lagged / needed a sleep, but I wanted to call in to have a think about whether to send him two afternoons a week). I just don't know. It's not a very high tech nursery, but the people are lovely and in the afternoon's there's a good adult to child ratio. But something makes me uncomfortable about the whole nursery setting as opposed to one to one care - not sure whether it's my background as an only child who went to "kindy" aged 4 and a half or not. I really liked one of the slightly older children there, which made me think that perhaps having a nanny look after DS and another child a couple of afternoons a week might be a thought - obviously she'd reap the additional financial benefit of that.

anyone had similar thoughts? (or does anyone in SE London have a 3-4 year old they'd like to lend me for a couple of afternoons )

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