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sure start/childrens centres

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1dilemma · 19/12/2007 23:54

Are they open to everyone or are their residential/financial requirements.

OP posts:
Katymac · 19/12/2007 23:57

Usually open to everyone

Gov funded to ensure that "Every child matters"

gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas · 19/12/2007 23:57

we are not in london.... quite a few hundred miles away
but the only criteria in our patch are geographical. we have four centres (due to be eight) in our town at the mo, and they each have a catchment, same sort of deal as schools. if you desperately want to go to a neighbouring one you can, but u are given a link-worker etc at the one whose area you live in.


Katymac · 19/12/2007 23:57

You still have to p[ay unless you qualify for a discount/subsidy

1dilemma · 20/12/2007 00:13

But do you have to be 'needy' to go or can anyone?
There is one locally but I'm under the impression you need a SW/HV referral there is another very near my dcs school but we have now moved down the road but into next local authority!

OP posts:
Katymac · 20/12/2007 00:16

You shouldn't

Which bit do you want to use?

Parent & Toddler
Training courses
Support groups

1dilemma · 20/12/2007 00:23

Thinking about the nursery!

OP posts:
Katymac · 20/12/2007 00:25

Should be fine - there might be some 'ring-fenced' spaces for children with SN or social problems (eg SS or HV referral) but it should also be a 'flagship' nursery as it is Gov run

Do check it's OFSTED report - they do seem to be fairly average (IMO) - at least locally

Just phone them & ask about nursery places - see what they say

gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas · 20/12/2007 00:33

have the same opinions as katy
have not heard of any particular "neediness" criteria, our area is quite a nice one and they take children from all around it
also same thoughts, defo check the ofsted report and go and visit, see what you make of the staff and environment as you would with any other childcare provider!

whoops · 20/12/2007 00:41

I use a surestart nursery and i work full time. I didn't have a problem getting dd in there. I'm really pleased i changed from the private one to this one now.

1dilemma · 20/12/2007 00:41

Ofsted is sycophantically wonderful. I put that down to excessive staffing for the children and needing to proove govt. idea is a good one .
I hav chased the nursery before and got a cryptic message about 'calling to tell you how we work here' and please call me (which I did twice and heard nothing more) however we are having major collecting/dropping off probs for school for 3 weeks in Jan and I'm desperate to try and improve our lifestyle in the medium term and my current nursery really doesn't suit dc2

OP posts:
gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas · 20/12/2007 00:45

then go for it!
I 'dropped in' to a couple of nurseries for info, it is the best snapshot that you can get as you see everything as it really is and not how they want you to see it IYSWM. ones that seem good when you just turn up are definitely gold.

ImBarryScott · 20/12/2007 12:38

They are open to everyone, but may give some places to SSD referrals. They may also reserve places for those getting back into work or education, rather than those who currently work.

We currently use a private nursery, as the waiting list for our local Sure Start one is really long, as it's so good!

webchick · 03/01/2008 18:08

My local surestart nursery (6 month - 5 years)is so over-subscribed (perhaps because they are cheap?) the waiting list was 27 babies for the 12 month room. They offer reduced fees for those on lower pay and I think they also were pushed further up the Q, also if there were older siblings alreadfy at the nursery

It ended up being wholly unworkable for me so I have put my son in another nursery.

perpetualworrier · 03/01/2008 18:39

They are open to everyone, but I think give priority to those who will come off benefits if they are able to return to work.

From what I know, ours is the best nursery in the area, as well as the cheapest.

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