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How to find a good nursery.

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TiggyD · 14/12/2007 00:45

I'm sure this has been done before, but not by me!

  1. Try lots of nurseries.

  1. Ask around for personal recommendations.

  1. Look at thier OFSTED report.

  1. When you visit look at cleanliness and tidiness. If it's a tip, start to worry. If it's spotless, start to worry as well!

  1. Talk to all staff and find out how many are qualified up to NVQ 3 level. Are, gormless morons? Avoid nuseries staffed by 17 year old 'trainees' with few social skills. GOD, I've worked with so many of those!

  1. Ask about planning and observations. You don't need to know what they're talking about exactly, but do THEY know what they're talking about?

  1. Visit lots, and at different times of the day.

  1. Try to visit over lunch and try the food. Is it cheap tasteless crap like at my nursery?

  1. Remember that expensive does not mean good!

10. take me with you on a visit. Or at least somebody like me.
OP posts:
MissPebbles · 14/12/2007 10:51

Look through the window of rooms before going in and see if people jump up and play with the children as you come in.

frannikin · 15/12/2007 00:04

Ask to see their complaints book. Ask what action they've taken about said complaints.

Very illuminating...

PortAndLemonaid · 15/12/2007 00:09

How do management seem to interact with the children?

Staff turnover. Actually, ask about staff conditions in general -- e.g. how long are the shifts? I was shocked to discover that many nurseries make staff work ten-hour shifts with 45 minutes for lunch.

bossybritches · 15/12/2007 07:47

Turn up unnanounced & see what their reaction is!! (but avoid lunchtime to be fair as it's always chaotic & you want to see the children playing really!)

I have gained several clients purely on the fact that when they turned up they were welcomed in & shown around
at that time. (nothing to hide) One woman was told she would have to book an appt for 3 weeks time a they were too busy!!

Had one yesterday....she signed up on the spot & she's pregnant with DC2 so we might get the baby as well.

bossybritches · 15/12/2007 07:48

Tiggy maybe we should offer a nursery vetting service??!

"AN Inspector Calls" undercover visits!!

bobbysmum07 · 18/12/2007 20:42

I completely agree that nurseries should have an open door policy for parents, but I would never encourage prospective parents to turn up unannounced. They do anyway, in droves, but I think it's a pain in the arse to be honest. It's not a matter of having anything to hide, it's just common courtesy to make an appointment.

nurseryvoice · 19/12/2007 11:38

Agree about not turning up unnanounced
its really annoying the times Ive had to put my work away eg the wages, the rota, the bank
which causes staff to compain if i cant give them an answer or their wages because ive been delayed with a parent.
lunch time is a nightmare, i cover the staff so they can have a break I could just leave the staff to it to run illegaly but i dont. but then i have to quickly show a parent around.
Also I have to do school runs, so again it would be nice if I myself was able to show parents around, as I then have to ring back anyway and explain things properly.

However i usually say to parents if they do ring before, that they are welcome anytime but to avoid the lunch breaks and lunch 1130-1pm

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