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nurseries in E5/N16/E8

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pixiepolar · 29/10/2007 11:21

I'm moving to Hackney in January and am desparate to find a nursery place for my son. Unfortunately i don't have much time to look since I will only be able to do a short trip donw to have a look. A few nurseries (Thyssen, Little buds) are sending me a form, whereas others said that I can only come and have a look round in January. No one mad me feel very optimistic. I'm a newly single mum and start to panick a bit. I want a good place of course but also I definitely have to have sth in February.
any ideas where I can search for which nurseries are good in the area, or even better anyone with children in a nursery there?
thanks for any help. So much to take in at the minute.

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spudballoo · 30/10/2007 20:30

I live in Hackney, my children go to Montessori on the Park (I think?) and I am very very happy with it.

Have you done a search? There are a number of posts about the nurseries in this area which might help you.


LoveAngel · 31/10/2007 14:46

Firestation on Leswin Rd, N16 and Mini Home on Allen Rd, N16 both get good reviews from parents I know. Also The Bath House on Shacklewell Lane, E8. If you're pushed for time and a single mum, you should really think about the closest nurseries to you / your route to and from work, rather than travelling miles for a paricularly good nursery, though (imo). That way you can narrow it down to just visiting two or three on one day. If you really just need them to send out the application form, it's worth phoning back, speaking to the manager and explaining the situation - that you're desperate, don't have any childcare or time to do a string of visits at the moment etc. They always say they're oversubscribed and their wiaitjng lists are long, especially at this time of year, but something will come up, I guarantee you. Kids are always leaving nurseries for one reason or the other.

cockles · 12/11/2007 21:16

Rainbow on Yorkshire Grove N16 is lovely, Rooftop (E5?) has v good reports from parents as does Coconut (N16). Hackney council has a list of nurseries on the childrens information service bit of the website.

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