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Does anyone have any experience with Leapfrog Nursery Milton Keynes?

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Missey01 · 16/10/2007 20:30

Hello everyone.
I have a 12 month old girl who started at this nursery 6 weeks ago. I'm getting a bit worried about the level of care as I keep turning up to pick her up and have to sign accident forms on most days. She is not an accident prone child and I have no problems with her hurting herself at home. Is this something to be expected when she is at nursery as she is just finding her feet (can't actually walk yet but is trying very hard!)
Am a bit concerned about the adult to staff ratio as often there is only one adult in a room of 6 children when I go to pick her up.
Have spoken to nursey manager today but am not reassured. Anyone have any experience with this nursery or experienced similar problems elsewhere?

OP posts:
twotimestrouble · 17/10/2007 18:18

Hi, I know which one you mean (we looked round it but didn't choose it). I think this is a problem all over but it doesn't make it acceptable. Obviously, she will have bumps and accidents at times but if it is happening regularly then I'd DEFINITELY take it up with the manager. Similarly, if you find 6 children of this age with one staff member then they are breaking the law. Aren't they a Nord Anglia nursery as I recall? You need to be very firm, don't forget they work for you!

In terms of similar experiences, I had a nanny for a while and she previously worked in a big chain. She said that when parents weren't there, they used to gossip and often left rooms under staffed.

If you're unhappy then there are a few other good ones in MK.

Happymuppet · 28/10/2007 22:27

Hi my son went to Leapfrog in Mk when i left my husband. He started there at aged 3-4 i think and went from 8.30- 4 ish. I thought that they were ok. But yes there were times that i wasnt too pleased. Sometimes they would send my son and others into the room with the younger kids if they didnt have enough staff to monitor all rooms.Yes i signed the accident forms too. I was a little dissappointed at the age of some of the staff in the rooms,i know that they all have to start somewhere,but i would of prefered an older person in the rooms at all times. I thought that in general they seemed to be a kind bunch of people,and to be fair my son loved it there!!!

Missey01 · 06/11/2007 13:37

Thanks for the advice both of you. twotimestrouble, do you know of any other good nurseries in MK that you can recommend as I'm still not happy with the level of service.
Thanks again.

OP posts:
iota · 06/11/2007 13:43

would recommend the council run nurseries in MK - my children were at one for 6 years - they are run to a very high standarts IMHO

Megsdaughter · 06/11/2007 13:49

No but do know a brilliant childminder whi I think lives opposite the nursery that you are talking about, she used to live here, but moved to MK. Can pass on details if you wish.

DynamicNanny · 06/11/2007 18:49

Hi don't know about Leapfrog in Milton Keynes, however as a nursery nurse caring for 1-2 year olds I can vouch that children of this age despite not being "accident prone" at home, will trip over toys, children will push, sit on top of each other, scratch within a scond even if you have a staff member sat with them I would monitor it - read the forms etc but I wouldn't be overly concerned.

LindzDelirium · 11/11/2007 20:47

The Christian Centre in Oldbrook is AMAZING - think they are called tiny steps but DD was there for 4 years and I never had once the cause to complain - the absolute caviar of childcare

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