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Nurseries in Henley on Thames

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NK1cf726bfX115233c58d8 · 20/09/2007 15:10

Hi I have just started looking for a nursery for my son,in Henley on Thames, he will be 10 months when he starts. I will be going back to work three days a week so he will be in all day for three days. He loves being around other babies so I am sure he will be fine but I am obviously feeling nervous about the decision I need to make about which one to send him to. So I would appreciate any advice from you if you have experiance, good or bad of the nurseries in Henley.


OP posts:
daffyd · 15/10/2007 09:32

Hi NK, I live in Henley-on-thames and I saw 2 nurseries there-cygnets next to Valley school-which I felt was awful and treetops which was next to henley college which looked OK.I eventually put my child into Cedar PArk day nursery in Twyford as its on my way to work and got a better gut instinct from it and also they have a chef thats cooks fresh food everyday-but very expensive.A friend has seen the one on fairmile-Orchard nursery and she says thats seems OK.You have to visit a few and decide which seems the one.I am at present oohing and aahing about getting a nanny but with 1 child nursery is still cost effective.Any other questions-contact me.

GJNL · 19/11/2007 10:01

Hi daffyd,
Cedar Park is on my short list for when I return to work next year. Are you still happy with care there? Any pros/cons? I'm Henley-on-Thames, but am also looking slightly further afield.

Jazzicatz · 19/11/2007 10:08

I send my ds to Early days in Ipsden, best nursey in the area, several mums come from Henley though!

daffyd · 26/11/2007 18:00


yes I think I have resolved issues with Cedar Park-I think its about being assertive more than anything to be honest.
My daughter loves nursery and they seem to keep her busy and entertained a lot.

It is expensive but they get freshly prepared food and nappies etc all included so worth it.
I would have a look around and get a feel-i had a gut instinct that this was the nursery for my daughter.
Cons- I guess no care is ever good enough for your LOL!
Any other question-feel free to ask.

GJNL · 04/12/2007 17:26

thanks daffyd, we'll be going for a visit soon!

GJNL · 04/12/2007 17:26

thanks daffyd, we'll be going for a visit soon!

Loswin · 05/06/2016 13:35

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