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Fundraising ideas please!

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beansprout · 17/09/2007 12:57

Ds has started at a community nursery and we have to raise funds to keep the fees down.

Am going to my first management committee meeing this week and fundraising is on the agenda. Does anyone have any ideas?


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beansprout · 17/09/2007 15:09

Can anyone help?

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bossybritches · 17/09/2007 15:17

Lots of different stuff-how complicated do you want to get??!

Cake sales /jumbles sales/quiz nights/bingo nights/beetle drives/sponsored walks /Christmas Fayre?

Having been to a Catholic school then worked for the NHS then on various PTA throughout DD's school life AND living in a village that's always raising money for summat (currently a new viallge hall!) I feel I've been fundraising all my life!!

Good Luck!

beansprout · 17/09/2007 15:37

Ooh, what is a beetle drive?!!

OP posts:
bossybritches · 17/09/2007 16:12

Sort of like a bingo for kids! Only with beetle parts on cards. I've never done ne but theey're great fun apparently ( I was away for that one!!)

zubb · 17/09/2007 16:16 - you get a percentage donated to the charity every time someone orders goods online from the listed shops.

Fashion shows - where a company comes in with all the clothes but you raise money from tickets / raffles / drinks etc and supply the 'models'. Different companies do different areas so you'd have to google.

Get kids to fill smartie tubes with coins.

tassisssss · 17/09/2007 16:20

easy2name labels offer 20% off

contact phtographers and get them to do a fundraising package?

Kaz33 · 17/09/2007 16:24

Our biggest earner was an auction of promises. We raised &8500 (primary school of 180 pupils).

Lots of organisation, lots of begging but we have a lovely new sensory garden...

Easy fundraising - cashback on all internet shopping (amazon, m&s, elc, etc...)

This is a referral link and if you sign up on this link then we get an additional payment. It does not affect how much you earn.

bossybritches · 17/09/2007 16:25

A good on-going one is to have a cake raffle. If you have enough domestic godesses get a rota goiogn to make a really large sticky cake every week(nothing fancy just large & child-appealing-not blue though!!) or batch of something tasty. Get a nominated member of Y6 to go round with raffle tickets & sell for 20p.Get the head to draw on a Friday & someone gets a nice cake for the w/e! We started saying only one ticket each but of course there are always those who want a £'s worth!!

In the summer we borrowed a small freezer, got multipacks of ice-creams from Iceland & sold them after school on a Mon & Fri. Made £500 one term!

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