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is this normal practice?

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mummybrain · 06/09/2007 18:35


My 7 month old has just started nursery 3 days a week. I've noticed that the babies sleep outside in big prams during the day for naps but assumed they'd be moved inside during wet weather.

However when I checked this out I was advised that there is no room inside for the prams (or cots, hence the big prams outside) so the babies sleep outside during the winter and rainy weather!

Maybe I am being oversensitive but I can't bear the idea of this, after all its something I would absolutely not do at home! I feel bad enough just sending dc to nursery as it is!

Plus, surely the exorbitant fees I'm paying should ensure that my baby's basic need for warmth is being met, otherwise what am I paying for?

Can anyone tell me if this happens at their nursery? If its normal then I shall try and get used to it - dc seems to have settled in well and I'd be reluctant to move her if this is something petty - but my gut feeling is to get her out of there pronto as I now feel the nursery prioritises their income over children's best interests.

Possibly I'm over dramatizing, but would like some advice!


OP posts:
MrsBadger · 06/09/2007 18:37

no problem sleeping outside in winter so long as they're appropriately dressed - tis v common in europe and scandinavia

rain am less convinced of

TotalChaos · 06/09/2007 18:37

I don't think that's at all normal.

McEdam · 06/09/2007 18:38

Blimey, never happened at ds's old nursery and I would have been appalled if it had. If they don't have room for cots, then they shouldn't be caring for babies. Suspect they are just in it for the money, tbh, very worrying attitude.

Would be interested to know what Ofsted think about this, too. Have you had a look on their website? Or the dept. for children, schools and families website?

whoops · 06/09/2007 18:39

All the nurseries my dc's have been at have had sleep area's with cot's.
I don't think I'd be happy with them sleeping in a pram outside.
Is there always someone outside with them in all weather?

Trinityrhino · 06/09/2007 18:40

I would not be happy at all about that.
Apart from the fact that they would probably get cold, how can they be keeping a close enough eye on the infants. I am surprised that a nursery has been allowed to open without proper provisions for sleeping children. Very shocked at this. Would not let my little Gecko go there.

Hope you sort something else out soon

mummybrain · 06/09/2007 18:49

Gosh, thanks for your quick responses! I'm going to have to move dc as I thought.

The nursery don't have anyone outside keeping an eye on the babies, though they have cctv. In fact, they said that if they had the babies inside to sleep they'd have to have a member of staff to watch them... erm,is this not what they're paid for!!

Thanks, I'm going to look for something else, which am sad about in a way as dc seemed happy and content there, though she obviously won't be come October / November in the freezing cold.

OP posts:
newgirl · 06/09/2007 18:52

that sounds really strange

at the very least they could put up travel cots inside

id be worried about the security issue too!!

superdenki · 07/09/2007 13:53

Hi there
I think Ofsted would be interested to hear about this nursery. I know of a nursery in Leeds that had something similar (in addition to an indoor sleep area) until a parent complained to Ofsted and there was an investigation. It now no longer has the outdoor area.
This nursery sounds pretty dreadful though - I don't think CCTV counts as part of the staff ratio!

RubySlippers · 07/09/2007 13:55

not over dramatising at all
speak to OFSTED and the fact they do not have a member of staff watching them is

witchandchips · 07/09/2007 14:07

can see it has is advantages though
babies get to look at stuff before they go to sleep, outside so get fresh air. If one wakes up it won't disturb the others so much. If they have someone outside to check on them and make sure they are out of the cold think it actually sounds really nice.

doggiesayswoof · 07/09/2007 14:11

My sister works in a nursery which does this

Her dd was at the same nursery and always slept outside - sis is so convinced of the benefits that she used to put her down for naps at the weekend in the pram outside too.

Rain - you have a raincover.
Cold - the los are bundled up in mitts and hats and blankets.
Supervision - staff go out and check every 5 mins on a rota.

Loads of fresh air, birdsong etc - lovely. Rain and cold will not harm them.

doggiesayswoof · 07/09/2007 14:12

Your comments about the cctv and "needing a member of staff to watch them" makes me though.

doggiesayswoof · 07/09/2007 14:13

at the nursery I mean - not at you mummybrain!

MightyMoosh · 09/09/2007 12:04

I'd be way more concerned over no staff watching than outside sleep. How can CCTV see if baby is choking/crying/ caught in something/rolled over etc? Also it takes less than a minute to snatch a babby, particularly in a pram easy getaway! I'd not only remove child but report to OFSTED.

wheresthehamster · 09/09/2007 12:13

If they are being watched and wrapped up accordingly I think it's excellent, better than being in a stuffy nursery room.
My own dds slept outside all through the year. They hardly ever suffer from colds which I like to think is connected to their early exposure to the elements.

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