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sending ds to nursery at 2, is this too early

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jaynel · 08/08/2007 23:05

i put my sons name down for a very good nursery but didnt get a space,they then called and said they can offer me tuesday and thursday afternoons to start in september, i took it as its a very good nursery but now i feel gulity as he will only be 2 years and 3 months, we go to toddler group twice a week so he does see other kids. i only put him in as i dont want to lose the space, all i will be doing is sitting at home waiting to collect him, am being cruel?

OP posts:
cba · 08/08/2007 23:06

what is the downside if you dont take him, you sound as though you dont want to. Is this going to be where he is going to go nursery in the lead up to school? If not, then dont send him, or, postpone it for six months.

Jojay · 08/08/2007 23:08

It is absolutely NOT being 'cruel' to send a child to nursery for 2 afternoons a week.

However, if you're not happy with it, it's hardly compulsory either.

Go with your gut instinct and do what is right for you.

daisyandbabybootoo · 08/08/2007 23:12

i went back to work when DS was 2 so he was full time (8:30 till 6) adn although I felt horribly guilty, he loved it.

you said you'd only be sitting at home waiting to collect him...why not use the time for some quality me time, go for a coffee or a swim/to the gym. He will get lots out of the time, socialising with other children and gaining a little bit of independance away from mum.

enjoy your free time!

daisyandbabybootoo · 08/08/2007 23:13

oops, i mean lots out of the experience

jaynel · 08/08/2007 23:14

thats for the advice, yes he will go there up until school, i want him to go to the school that is next to the nursery.

OP posts:
jaynel · 08/08/2007 23:24

meant thanks x

OP posts:
madamez · 08/08/2007 23:46

My DS has been doing 2 days a week at nursery since he was 1 and loves it and thrives. The first week or so you'll feel a bit odd but you'll soon be making the most of time to yourself, honest.

rebeccaw · 09/08/2007 15:55

My DS went at 3 and a half months - for 4 days a week. Although I felt horribly guilty I needed to go back, and he has always really thrived on the variety and the sociability.
He is 2 and a half now and I've now been able to cut back on my time at work and am loving having him home a bit more, but wouldn't dream of taking him out of nursery altogether; he gets a lot of it. Even in my most organised mega-activity days, he doesn't get the same variety that he gets in a day at nursery.
I'm sure that once you've got used to having the time to yourself, you will really appreciate it whether that's just getting the hoovering done without 'help' or doing something for you!
But only you know what is right for you - don't do it if you don't want to! They're only little for such a short amount of time after all.
Can't you try it for a month and if it doesn't work then take him back out?

jaynel · 09/08/2007 18:14

thanks for the advice, im going to put him in and just see how he gets on, if im not happy i will just take him out.

OP posts:
goingfor3 · 09/08/2007 18:17

DD2 started going to pre school 2 mornings a week from 2 1/2 and really enjoys it. It means I get some time to myself and can get on with cooking and cleaning if I can be bothered much more quickly so I have more time to play with her.

blueshoes · 09/08/2007 18:36

He'll love it. I continued to keep dd in nursery during my maternity leave for ds. You'll get over the guilt all too quickly.

Mojomummy · 10/08/2007 21:05

I would say if you don't need to send him don't.

If you ask them to postpone it to January or Easter, then they will - if they don't shows what sort of nursery they are.

Enjoy him at home

MightyMoosh · 11/08/2007 15:32

The youngest child I've cared for in a nursery was three weeks (in a hotel nursery, and no not their first child!) so dont worry.

hayley2u · 16/08/2007 14:15

i think 2 ca be ok. i would not send a child under one if i had to as fro experience i have worked as qualified nneb in nursery, babies are usually just left al day until need feed, not much can be done with them. 2 can be a great time, as they are learning and into everything. and the trained staff are trained to meet their needs. its a good time for children to meet new friends, it also gives them independence.its not full time and he ll prob love it therfore its not cruel.

wexy · 18/08/2007 17:22

I dont think your being cruel at all. My two kids have recently started nursery, just two half days a week. The reason is that i need a break as i never ever get one and they need to socilise with other children and prepare themselves for the big wide world, that we all have to go into. Jason is 30 months and Stephanie is 18 months. They both get upset when i drop them off, crying and clinging to my leg etc., Jason especially suffers with separation anxiety. The staff are good with them, so i am just going with it at moment, as when i leave they both calm down. I could withdraw them but who would benefit, i am a better mother as i get a break, and they are learning to be part of the world, understanding that there are other things to do and other people to care as well as mommy and daddy.

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