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Good nurseries in Norwich NR2?

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mumbleboo · 07/08/2007 11:36

I am useless at making friends for both myself and DS (18months) so i think nursery may be the answer for him to meet more other children. Anyone know of any good ones in the norwich area?

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Boco · 07/08/2007 11:40

If you both want to make friends have you tried toddler groups? At 18 months they don't exactly make friends, just play alongside other children - if you ask your hv she'll know local groups and nurseries.

mumbleboo · 07/08/2007 11:46

I have been to a couple of toddler groups,and one we go to regularly but i feel useless that i don't always go because i feel so nervous and i really don't want DS to pick up on it. I think what's started me feeling bad is that lots of people at these groups talk about how their little one has had a 1st birthday party with other kids there and i wouldn't have anyone to invite to a party for DS. II'm worried that he is missing out IYKWIM. Sorry to go on!

OP posts:
3madboys · 07/08/2007 11:53

where in norwich are you? i used to live on highland road, off christchurch road, then moved to avenue road, but now live off ipswich road, house prices were better

anyway i used to go to a toddler group at the university that was nice, also there is a little church near colman road? that had a toddler group i went to, run by old ladies that make you tea etc

there is also a steiner toddler group off earlham road that is nice, but you have to book a place.

i used the university nursery for my eldest, and i know some people who used nightingales? nursery.

anway my youngest is two and a half, and i am expecting another now, i must be mad.

but if you ever want to meet up or anything, at heigham park? thats nice for the kids, then email me, its on profile

i am not a mad stalker i promise, i also post on bmc under the same user name

GhostWriter · 07/08/2007 11:56

You have my sympathies. DD is only 3 months but I'm painfully shy and know that nursery/childcare is going to be the answer to her social interaction. I'm trying baby signing, swimming and postnatal groups but seem to just sit on the outside with dd and watch all the sociable, fashionable mums interact. Am also in the Norwich area and have just started looking at nurseries and childminders for when I go back to work in 6 months time. I'll let you know if I find anything promising and will watch this thread eagerly for suggestions.

3madboys · 07/08/2007 11:58

oh yes there are also music groups, i went to a lovely one in the community centre at the bottom of eaton park

hello ghostwriter, waves from ipswich road to wherever you are in norwich

see we could have a mini meet?

GhostWriter · 07/08/2007 11:59

I work at the university 3madboys! Can't afford their childcare costs though. The nursery is fantastic, many colleagues use it and their children are extremely settled and happy. The menu is better than what I manage to cobble together at home!

3madboys · 07/08/2007 12:07

really you work there,i have friends that work at the uni, have you been to the toddler group they run, on a tues morning?

i met my dp at UEA, and got preg with ds1 and had him whilst there, he went to the nursery so i could finish my degree, but we got a discounted rate

i got 2:1 in history and sociology, i loved it, would like to come back and do an MA but cant afford it.

shame about nursery, they have a scheme where you pay straight out of your wages and can save on tax dont they? i know my friend uses something like that at the uni

GhostWriter · 07/08/2007 12:08

Eaton park on its own is lovely, read about the music group in Sprouts magazine. Is Ipswich Road the A140? DH works out Long Stratton way and I'm sure there's an Ipswich Road thereabouts. I'm out Thorpe St Andrew way, past the football ground and keep going. Had a sneaky look at your profile, I'm currently looking at home ed too. Bit early being as dd is only at blowing bubbles and filling nappies stage, but have always considered it.

While I've got a captive audience in a Norwich MNer, can I ask you about photographers? Have you found a professional, reasonably priced photographer in the area? Would like some decent pictures of dd but am resisting being sucked into the chasm of money-gobbling that is Venture.
GhostWriter · 07/08/2007 12:11

I did my MA at the UEA and then got offered a job there! Students do get discount at the nursery (bah humbug) but for staff it's still a whopping £185 per week. The salary sacrifice scheme is good in theory but I wouldn't be able to call it a salary come pay day, it'd be more like pocket money from an extremely tight parent! Didn't know there was a toddler group there, may look into it. Congrats on the pg btw!

3madboys · 07/08/2007 12:26

i have used a photographer, who is lovely suzanne fossey, if you google her name you should get a link, i have her phone number somewhere she is fab, comes to your own home or will meet you in a park etc to take pictures of children, family etc, we have used her three times? now and some of my friends have used her too

i havent been to the uni toddler group for ages, but once i pass my driving test i hope to go again, it was easier when i lived in the 'golden triange' but its too pricey there.

do you know notcutts the garden centre? i am just up the road from that, on ipswich road there is a big tesco, i cant remember what they call it, anyway i am 20mins walk from the city

sorry waffling now, my email is on profile so if you ever want to try and meet up just send me a message.

mumbleboo · 07/08/2007 17:43

Hello sorry have been out all day. Think we should definitely all have a Norwich mini meet!

3madboys i am just off Unthank Road, have been to the Colman Road toddler group and it seemed nice so i will have to make myself go there again. The cup of tea was lovely!

Ghostwriter do you go to the Eaton Park baby signing and is yours run by Maria? I go there and i feel very comfortable but it took me a long time to get that way!

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 07/08/2007 17:49

Oh I wish I was back in Norwich, I went to UEA and met my dh there (lived on campus, on Unthank Road and on Colman Road) then we stayed afetr uni and moved across the city (Thorpe St Andrews) then brought off Plumstead Road. Went abroard for a few years and rented the house out then came back but dh got a job in Cambridge so we moved down here. I have very very fond memories of Norwich though, and this thread is bringing places flooding back.

mumbleboo · 07/08/2007 21:38

I spent my childhood planning my escape from norfolk and then when i went to uni missed it soooo much! Luckily i had DS so got to come back! It feels like a really small place doesn't it? I'm always looking for the Norfolk connection when i go somewhere - if you meet someone else from Norwich they will turn out to be your boss's wife or your best mate's dad or whatever - doesn't seem to happen for other places does it?

OP posts:
karennew123 · 30/10/2014 09:25

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