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First nursery visit tomorrow, any tips?

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alipotter · 06/08/2007 20:54

Just wondered if there are things to ask that wouldn't occur to a first timer or things they need to know that I'm likely to forget to tell them!

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AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun · 06/08/2007 20:56

Is this your settling in visit or are you chosing the nursery?

alipotter · 06/08/2007 21:12

Settling in, got a visit today, tomorrow and then 2 more in 2 weeks time. he starts 2 days a week in September.

OP posts:
katewilson13 · 10/08/2007 13:51

Staff:child ratio. What's the turnover of staff? What's the average age of staff (I like having a varied age range)? What would they do in a particular situation(and pick a typical disciplinary scenario like if a child bit yours). Read the Ofsted report (available online). How are the ages separated? e.g. is it 6 months to 2, and then 2-4? I have a personal vendetta against staff in tabards - but that is just me! They should have a form to fill in for you about any needs your child has. But I have been amazed at (a) how good my nursery is at looking after my precious bundle of joy (I mean who else could know him as well as I do? Well, it seems they could!), and (b) how flexible children can be. Let them know (and remind them) of any major dietary requirements you have or allergies. But I found that mine was fine with feeding bottles as well as solids, using a dummy when I thought appropriate etc etc. Good luck!

MightyMoosh · 11/08/2007 15:30

You should check wether they require suncream to be brought witht the child or a hat, in this weather! If child is in for short sessions, apply it yourself and let them know, it saves so much time for the staff. Also check policies and ratios for trips out, it'll save you worrying. And stuff like do they open the doors at 8.45 or whatever on the dot, or are they more flexible? It could save time. And wether you need changes of clothing etc. I'm approaching this from the viewpoint of a nursery nurse rather than parent, I just know what makes our lives easier and parents calmer!

imagineafullnightsleep · 27/11/2007 15:14

Ask what information they provide at the end of each session. My DS goes full time, and if it wasn't for these fact sheets - I wouldn't know the details e.g. did he eat all of his tea, or only part of it (worth knowing in the early days whether they are likely to wake up at night - hungry), what did he eat (it always amazes me what my DS will try !) How they record nappy contents etc. (mine lists; wet or soiled for example), nap times (this is important for me - since I know, if he's in a fowl mood in the evening - I know if it's because he tired etc.)

RubySlippers · 27/11/2007 15:18

you have had a lot of good advice but also try to nab other parents to speak to as well

gut feel counts for a lot too

fizzybellasmum · 11/01/2008 21:26

Label everything and take things that might be essential for a nap eg. blankie, favourite bear. Check about drinks and snacks. DD was regularly quite dehydrated for first few weeks until I sent extra bottles.

bossybritches · 19/01/2008 00:55

-Ask what their staff training/appraisal is like, well motivated/supported staff are happier & therefore better for your child!

-arrive 10 minutes early for your appt to see if they are flustered/put out/what are they hiding?

-what's the sickness policy & how long does a child need to be off with common illnesses

-what is their policy on medicines (if finishing a course of abs say)

-holiday arrangements do they do discounts if you take them away for 2 weeks? When do they close for Easter/Summer/Christmas if at all (you'll need to klnow for cover)

Basically as Ruby says go with your gut instinct-would you be happy to leave your precious bungle here?!

Good luck!

bossybritches · 19/01/2008 00:56

Or BUNDLE even!!

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