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Day nursery in Wandsworth / Clapham

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Vennster · 02/08/2007 14:35

Hi there, does anyone have any experience with either Babyroom nursery / Nightingales Nursery / Elm Park Nursery? Going back to work in a few months and really keen for my daughter to attend nursery but difficult to find one I like! Any recommendations welcome! Thanks.

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 02/08/2007 17:44

Is Nightgales the one at the Sixth Form?

bossykate · 02/08/2007 18:29

yes, my ds and dd have/are attending elm park. i recommend it highly.

Vennster · 03/08/2007 08:15

Yes Nightingales is the one at the St Francis college grounds. Do you have any experience with it? I loved Elm Park when I visited, but Nightingales is so much more convenient.

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 03/08/2007 14:25

Sorry no experience with them

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