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Question about staff/kids ratio in nursery

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Simi · 21/07/2007 14:32

My son is going to a new nursery in September. The age group they take is 3-4.5 yrs but I was a bit shocked about the fact that only 2 people look after 26 children. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about this?

OP posts:
lissie · 21/07/2007 14:39

ds goes to a small community nursery where there are 3 staff and a max of 9 LO's per day, but my nephew goes to a bigger nursery where there are 2 staff to about 30 children, they do have a prob with fighting there tho

tiredemma · 21/07/2007 14:40

Yes- i think it is 1:13 for that age group

ajj · 21/07/2007 14:46

dd has been attending a nursery where there were 5 staff to 22 children aged 2-4

tiredemma · 21/07/2007 14:49

the staffing ratio for two yr olds is lower- one they hit 3- it goes up to 1:13

mumeeee · 21/07/2007 17:49

If it is a state nursery ( one attached to a school). Then it is 1:13 for over 3's. But if it is a private nusery then the Ratio is 1:8 for that age.

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