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New nursery setting?

1400spincycle · 06/12/2018 09:55

DS has been attending a school based nursery as a 2 year old since September. Its a quiet room with only about 20 children. Its been a bit of a challenge as he is quite shy and can find busy places quite overwhelming. He has finally settled in though, has made some friends and is joining in with activties. and I can now leave him without any problems.

The school have now said that he is now ready to move up to the next class after Christmas as he has now turned 3. He is ready on some ways - quite bright, good speech and toilet trained. However the 3-4 year old class is really busy with up to 45 children on free flow. ( My DD attended so I know it well.)

I have the choice of keeping him where he is ( with mostly much younger children) till Easter or moving him up now. School think I’m being really precious. Any thoughts or suggestions please?

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