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Changing nursery

No2palmoil · 14/11/2018 18:55

My little one is not settling. He seems happy enough collecting him but drop off is awful he is scared and breaks his heart when I leave. He isn't like this when I leave him with family so it's not completely separation anxiety.

The nursery and I have tried everything g but he is just not happy. His behaviour has become unruly and uncontrollable. He seems hyper all the time. He has good routine everywhere else and nothing else has changed.

The nursery is extremely big 60+ children in the room. I think potentially it's just to busy for him and he is getting lost a bit in it all. The staff are wonderful and they are trying their best and I'm happy that he isn't being ignored or neglected more over stimulated by the sheer number of children coming and going.

I have a chance to transfer him to a very small nursery which he already knows and knows some of the staff so wouldn't be a complete change.

I'm just wondering how transfer/changes have gone with others that have moved their children to other nurseries. I'm so torn as it's such a well staffed and fun nursery I just don't think it's right for my wee boy. Help put my mind at ease if possible!!

Or tell me your horror stories. I know it's only us that can decide in the end, I just don't want to make it all worse for him Ashe is clearly not coping.

Long time poster, changed name as my other posts are really outing.

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WelcomeToGreenvale · 16/11/2018 22:36

60 children sounds impossible, I have no idea how that's managed and would not want to work in that kind of environment. And that's a mixed age group as well? Is it separated in any way between the ages?

Smaller nurseries and preschools in my experience (from an employee standpoint) have always been better managed with more care for the individual child. What have they tried when it comes to settling him?

How old is your son? And how long has he been at the big nursery?

If he's not happy, and you're also unhappy with the changes in him since he's started at the nursery, those are good signs that maybe a change would be good for him. And him knowing the place and some of the staff may be good. If they're very close relations, like if his aunt or uncle works there, that may help at first but he also needs to bond with other staff members, and his key person will probably not be his relative, so bear that in mind.

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