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Nurseries in Berrylands/Surbiton area

Laurakirsty79 · 22/01/2018 17:19

Has anyone got any personal recommendations for nurseries in the Berrylands/ Surbiton are? My little girl has a childminder at the moment but I’d like her to go to a nursery at some point in order to prepare her for reception and the one attached to her local school doesn’t have an intake for January next year, which is when she’d be eligible.
Many thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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MH1982 · 30/01/2018 09:59

Our son is starting nursery in a few months, we live in Berrylands (berrylands station end). We looked at 4 different ones: Dicky, Birds, Asquith, Aspire (all three in Surbiton) and Sutherland in Tolworth.

Of the three Aspire and Asquith were our favourites, but for where we lived Aspire was definitely the best location (it is on the way to Surbiton station from our house) Asquith was lovely but was not a convenient location for us and is also hideously expensive (circa £1,700 for 4 days a week)

Dicky Birds was also nice and a good location but we preferred that Aspire was a bit smaller. Sutherland in Tolworth was our back up option but wasn't as nice as the others but was significantly cheaper.

The waiting lists for Aspire, DB and Asquith are all crazy, you are looking at 6-12 months minimum. We registered our son before he was born and have only just been told we have got a spot. Sutherland could guarantee a spot straight away though.

So in conclusion, it depends what are the most important factors for you (price, location, quality, opening times etc) We found Aspire to be the best for us but other people will have different priorities.

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