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Nurseries in Kennington area?

14 replies

catnip · 23/04/2007 09:23

Would be very grateful for any recommendations

OP posts:
Fluppence · 23/04/2007 13:44

Do you mean Kennington SE11, or the one in Kent?

If SE11, Bishops House next to Kennington Park is lovely. HTH.

catnip · 23/04/2007 20:18

Yes, SE11 - that does help - didn't know there was one there

OP posts:
theprecious · 12/09/2007 17:52

any other info on BH as I live near it............?

ImBarryScott · 12/09/2007 17:55

nope. am about to send dd to magic roundabout in sutherland square. they all seem lovely, though the organisation is a wee bit chaotic.

theprecious · 13/09/2007 10:25

oh really??? I would love to know how she gets on. The website looks good. I need one for next June.

ImBarryScott · 13/09/2007 10:27

Will keep you posted . DD starts in a couple of weeks.

theprecious · 13/09/2007 10:43

where did you find MR from? I have looked on the web but never seem to find any places near me. Maybe it's a postcode I am SW8 which seems to have bugger all.

sorry to exploit your organisational skills!

ImBarryScott · 13/09/2007 11:28

did an ofsted search. you can search by postcode on the ofsted site - I'll find it in a minute. MR is at the camberwell/walworth end of Kennington though, so maybe that's why you didn't find it.

ofsted thing here

Blu · 13/09/2007 11:43

I can tell you one that I would not recommend.
A chain nursery between Brixton and Clapham Rd....'AC'.

If searching check Lambeth and Southwark categoris as the border is so close.

theprecious · 14/09/2007 19:13

brilliant - thanks for the recommendations and warning.

Kennington is an oasis of nurseries - Oval is a desert.

How about any good mother and baby type groups that you've been to?

ImBarryScott · 14/09/2007 19:22

Precious - we're in Camberwell, but the MR nursery is en route to work, and does long hours (as do I ). So our M&B groups might be a bit far. FWIW, we're starting Camberwell library M&B as of next week, and go to Peckham Rye 1o'clock club.

MillieMummy · 16/09/2007 12:23

Hi - I live in kennington and have been using a nursery at waterloo for the last 4 years which is fab. the nursery is off the main road but only 2 mins walk from the staion and the bus stops.

theprecious · 24/09/2007 16:24

thank you for the replies anyway......waterloo is convenient for me but not dh.

I just need to get off my fat botty and go to some M&B groups.

shreddies · 26/09/2007 10:38

Milliemummy, which nursery is that? Is it St Patricks by any chance? I'm looking at the moment and I've heard very good things about it

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